Saturday, May 16, 2009

Incredible Laws Passed

The Connecticut State Legislature never ceases to amaze me. Some of the laws that they passed in the session were incredible. Instead of worrying about a massive budget deficit that is only going to drive more people out of state, they are concerned with their own power and self glorification. The bill to eliminate the death penalty is a farce. We are now giving even more power to criminals and we are saying the hell with victims through this law. I am confident that Governor Rell will veto this bill. I am just curious what would happen if some liberal Democrat family member was murdered. Wouldn't they want to see justice? Nope they would prefer if taxpayers would just support the criminal for the rest of their life. That is the liberal view if I ever read one. I also like the laws to make it a crime if you idle your vehicle for more than three minutes. I had to laugh at that one also. Maybe some of Obama's free monies can go to Connecticut to hire engine idler state employees enforcers. This would create jobs for the state and create more political patronage. Let's also eliminate all plastic shopping bags. After these same bags apparently have caused all of the supposed environmental ruin we have in Connecticut. Maybe they can charge a $10 tax on these same plastic bag polluters.
I have just given voters just three more reasons to vote out of office in mass, the do nothing, liberal, out of touch with reality, Democratic State House and State Senate. What a debacle they have turned Connecticut into.

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