Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Could You Pass A Few More Laws?

Yes, could you pass a few more laws? Could our Connecticut State Legislature just pass yet a few more laws? I become more amazed at the sheer number of laws that we have in Connecticut, many meaningless and in some sort of strange symbolism. Laws which are apparently passed to impress us and see what our part time legislature is capable of doing. Laws are passed each year which continue to exert more and greater control over our lives yet a law has been passed so that we can not end someones life if they have murdered someone else. Thus we have to support this murderer to the day he or she dies. Laws control how and where we drive, how long we can actually keep our motor running, and excessive tax laws have been passed on every aspect of our cars maintenance and use. Laws control business and industries to the point that these same businesses and industries flee our state on a daily basis. And then new laws are passed to continue to burden the remaining businesses and industries left in our state.
We could save a great deal of money by eliminating our state legislature or just allowing them to meet every two years and have voters vote on the actual budget as presented. The need of this legislative body has long passed in our state and taxpayers need to realize that the excessive laws passed by the Connecticut State Legislature and its one party rule have helped to bring about the demise of Connecticut. Please flee while you can.

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