Sunday, May 31, 2009

Connecticut Legislative Democrats Follow No Law

To me it is true that Connecticut Legislative Democrats have no need to follow any type of law in our state. Laws no longer apply to them. The new slap on the wrist on Senator Crisco for what amounts to forging checks is laughable. Trust me if a private citizen did this, they would be arrested, because surprise it is against the law to forge a check. Whether it is the countless Gaffey illegal doings or now an actual forger, the Connecticut Democrats have once again proven that they are above any law in this state. And the silence from the Attorney Generals office is quite deafening at the same time. Maybe it is time that taxpayers call in Federal intervention to these illegal doings.
We as taxpayers must realize that we have in Hartford a horrific and unethical Democratically controlled Legislature that really needs to be stopped once and for all. They are so out of touch with any reality whether it is the lack of a death penalty to socialized health care, or the ripping of the constitutional power of the Governor's office to appoint a Senator(I am hopeful that Dodd is now being forced out and that is why they came up with the bill).
Governor Rell needs to veto many bills coming up and the remaining Republicans need to filibuster any attempt to override these vetoes. Voters and taxpayers really need to vote these people out of office in 2010. Enough is enough.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is There A Difference In Political Ideology?

Can there be a difference in political ideology? As one tries to understand a concept politically of moderation in the Republican party, I am personally lost as to what former General Colin Powell is trying to tell us. He wishes for Republicans to reach out to a view of moderation yet he does not endorse a Republican moderate such as John McCain who was the Republican candidate for President. He choose to endorse a liberal with no experience who also happened to be a Democrat. He claims he still is a Republican. Why? His views and new founded political ideology seem to be opportunistic and more in line with the Democrats. Thus in my view he is now a Democrat and should be embraced by that party and leave the Republicans.
In theory there can be more than two views represented by both the Democrats and Republicans. Two parties who have the same political ideology create one party rule which we now see in Washington. Mr. Specter proved that point of political opportunism and is a great candidate to be voted out of office.
Republicans in many cases believe in conservative principles such as smaller government, lower taxes, personal responsibility, self sufficiency, small business development, the basic laws of supply and demand which run capitalism, personal wealth formation and most importantly freedom. I personally do not see any of those ideologies embraced by the Democratic party. The Democratic party in America today seems to have a great hatred of our country and is only concerned with an ideology of political self interest and gain by any means. It is an ideology that is skewed and will ultimately lead our country to ruin. The Republican party has the ability to lead our nation to greatness again. The question is will they be ready to lead as they take a new majority in Congress in 2010? With conservative values and principles they can.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Could You Pass A Few More Laws?

Yes, could you pass a few more laws? Could our Connecticut State Legislature just pass yet a few more laws? I become more amazed at the sheer number of laws that we have in Connecticut, many meaningless and in some sort of strange symbolism. Laws which are apparently passed to impress us and see what our part time legislature is capable of doing. Laws are passed each year which continue to exert more and greater control over our lives yet a law has been passed so that we can not end someones life if they have murdered someone else. Thus we have to support this murderer to the day he or she dies. Laws control how and where we drive, how long we can actually keep our motor running, and excessive tax laws have been passed on every aspect of our cars maintenance and use. Laws control business and industries to the point that these same businesses and industries flee our state on a daily basis. And then new laws are passed to continue to burden the remaining businesses and industries left in our state.
We could save a great deal of money by eliminating our state legislature or just allowing them to meet every two years and have voters vote on the actual budget as presented. The need of this legislative body has long passed in our state and taxpayers need to realize that the excessive laws passed by the Connecticut State Legislature and its one party rule have helped to bring about the demise of Connecticut. Please flee while you can.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Work Creates Wealth

Yes, work creates wealth. And no, good old fashion government stimulus, pork barrel, deficit laden spending does not work. By working one can create wealth and this concept can take place of a tickle up effect that this current administration is trying to create through a massive level of governmental spending/debt and redistribution of wealth. The question that still has yet to be answered by multimillionaire politicians in Washington, is why is wealth bad? Why haven't in 60+ years of wealth redistribution by government at all levels hasn't all poverty been eliminated? What is so new about another great society program which penalizes those who work for a living to give to those who choose not to? What we have in 2009 is again the same tired arguments that capitalism is bad and only corrupt special interest government is good. And these same tired arguments are made by multimillionaires who have been able to create their wealth by their power in government. Just look at Chris Dodd and Barney Franks.
In economic terms, work creates wealth. Capitalism promotes wealth. The United States Congress and our current President does neither. And yes work does create wealth.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Name Is Swick-Spell It Right

It is not a tough name to spell S w i c k. Swick. We just moved to another house here in Wallingford and I have been floored by the number of misspellings made and the number of mailings sent to us selling us every service known to mankind. My wife uses her maiden name which further confuses the folks who actively sell these lists.
The winner take all in these botched mailing lists is Councilman Mike Brodinsky Democrat of Wallingford. Yesterday we received two form letters from him with my last name spelled Swicki and my wife's Bently (it should be Bentley). These variations on our names came from a second batch of mailings that we started receiving in late March (I have also gotten Sweck, Swiick and Swck). Mike's letter was interesting and his magnet with his name on it was cute. However since all of that went into the garbage I would have hoped that a prominent Democrat such as Brodinsky would realize who I was and not waste two stamps sending it out to my wife and I since we are both Republicans and I am on the Town Committee. To me it is just another example of how an elected Democrat works. Please try to remember my name is Swick next time you buy a mailing list.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Incredible Laws Passed

The Connecticut State Legislature never ceases to amaze me. Some of the laws that they passed in the session were incredible. Instead of worrying about a massive budget deficit that is only going to drive more people out of state, they are concerned with their own power and self glorification. The bill to eliminate the death penalty is a farce. We are now giving even more power to criminals and we are saying the hell with victims through this law. I am confident that Governor Rell will veto this bill. I am just curious what would happen if some liberal Democrat family member was murdered. Wouldn't they want to see justice? Nope they would prefer if taxpayers would just support the criminal for the rest of their life. That is the liberal view if I ever read one. I also like the laws to make it a crime if you idle your vehicle for more than three minutes. I had to laugh at that one also. Maybe some of Obama's free monies can go to Connecticut to hire engine idler state employees enforcers. This would create jobs for the state and create more political patronage. Let's also eliminate all plastic shopping bags. After these same bags apparently have caused all of the supposed environmental ruin we have in Connecticut. Maybe they can charge a $10 tax on these same plastic bag polluters.
I have just given voters just three more reasons to vote out of office in mass, the do nothing, liberal, out of touch with reality, Democratic State House and State Senate. What a debacle they have turned Connecticut into.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What Ethics in the United States Congress?

What do you mean by ethics being found in our United States Congress? I personally can not see it. Brave Republicans along with 29 Democrats brought to vote a campaign finance inquiry that would have investigated several influential Democrats in particular Rep. John Murtha and his connections to the lobbying firm PMA. PMA was raided last year by the FBI with records being removed from the company. Murtha along with fellow Democrats, Rep. Jim Moran, and Rep. Peter Visclosky, were able to channel $137 million to defense contractors who were paying this lobbying firm, PMA to get them government contracts. I guess this was ethical. I guess there was little wrong with this gross violation of ethics. And why have an inquiry of the Democrats who did it? We as taxpayers realize that there are no laws which govern Congress. Just look at our poster child, Chris Dodd and his lack of values. We know if the Republicans had did this, the investigation would have commenced. Eight times the Republicans have brought up this measure and I hope next time it passes. Maybe if you have time write your Representative and ask what they afraid of by this investigation. Truth does hurt especially when you have no ethics.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Dodd Debacle Continues

Another day that the Dodd debacle continues. Does Chris Dodd actually think we believe anything he says anymore? Does he really have any credibility anymore to serve as a Senator? I had to laugh at his vain attempt to spin his wife's qualifications in his article in the Sunday 5/10/09 Hartford Courant. Does he believe that the people of Connecticut buy into his chronological "facts" that his wife is qualified for all of her high paying board jobs? Does he think that his wife was not able to to use her political influence to obtain the jobs? Of course she was. She has little if any qualifications other than being Chris Dodds wife and as such was entitled to the $500,000 worth of income she supposedly works for.
In a blinded sense Chris Dodd and his wife live in a fantasy world, where laws and rules do not apply to them nor does any ethics or credibility apply to them either. They have the abilities through their power to rape and pillage taxpayers under the guise of representing their constituents. They are most importantly above the law. I am confident that the intelligent voting public of Connecticut will turn out in record numbers in November 2010 and vote this disgrace of a Senator out of office. It can not happen soon enough.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Gaffey Mess Continues

The Gaffey mess continues. Who cares about the fine. Senator Gaffey from Meriden had a hiccup, made a mistake, whatever. It is old news. It really is not important for the Senator from Meriden to have ethics or be ethical in any of his dealings. What oversight? Are you as a Senator that stupid about the laws your campaign should be abiding by? And why do you still have your job Senator? If you were in private industry you would have been fired for your actions plain and simple. Without fanfare, without an apology. Yet taxpayers in Meriden and throughout Connecticut must be subjected to your disregard of law and lack of ethical behavior whether it is this situation or all of your other messes in past years. Mr. Gaffey you could have made the ethical choice and resign from your position. But no, your politics is driven by your corruption and as such you subject your constituents to it.
Enough is enough, I truly hope voters vote this Senator out of office next year.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Economic Reality of Debt

There is the economic reality of debt. Our Federal government does a good job of hiding this dirty little secret. With this new administration and its stimulus package we are gearing up for an incredible amount of national debt for the future. At this time we as a government owe about $11.3 trillion dollars in our national debt. It is a staggering figure. It is a figure that will burden our economy for decades. And it is not necessary. If we examine the rushed earmark filled stimulus package we can see massive wastes of taxpayers monies which will ultimately lead to be more national debt. Realistically the stimulus package has done little at this time to create economic growth or development. Nor will it do any for the future. Personal economic freedom and the functioning of the free economic system should be the goals of any democracy. Again the dirty little secret of this socialist plan by the Obama administration is simple enough. Wealth redistribution, central planning and higher taxes. All failures if you study economic history. The path is being paved for a revolution in the voting booths in 2010 and 2012. Then real change will take place.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Jack Kemp

Rest in peace, Jack Kemp. Jack Kemp was a great believer in freedom. He believed that the supply side needed to stimulate the economy. He believed that tax cuts would continue to stimulate the economy while tax increases took the growth out of our economy. His Empower America theme and organization helped to bring to debate the concept of personal empowerment helps create economic freedom. He was a strong Representative from upstate New York for nine terms, a Housing Secretary under President George H.W. Bush, a former candidate for President and a Vice Presidential nominee in 1996. He also was a great football player for the Chargers and the Bills. America's Conservative movement has lost a great friend today with the passing of Jack Kemp. His words, actions and thoughts will be greatly missed.