Wednesday, April 01, 2009

What Is The Point In Running General Motors?

What is the economic point in running General Motors? Or Chrysler? I did not know President Obama is versed in economic issues nor had a degree in Business Administration? I also do not know what 60 or 90 or 120 more days will mean for General Motors if there are not major pension/benefit concessions by the UAW. Oh I forgot whoever is actually running GM must now do so without any change in the current debacle of a labor agreement that is has with the UAW. I forgot whoever is actually running GM can strip its preferred stock and bond holders of what is rightfully and legally theirs and not worry about any type of labor concessions. Maybe it is time for raises for UAW members for their non productivity and years of retirement.
The sad part about the whole situation is that GM could have gone into restructuring over a year ago (bankruptcy) and they would be well on the road to recovery with realistic labor agreements and a smaller line of vehicles (and actually make a profit on the cars/trucks they sold). In economic terms this fiasco for GM is only the beginning for poor governmental decision making intervention in what should and needs to be a free market capitalistic economy, where supply and demand rule and the invisible hand weeds out poorly managed and unprofitable companies. Is anyone in Congress listening? Or are they too busy running their feudalistic serfdom now called America?

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