Saturday, April 25, 2009

The No Reality Connecticut State Legislature

We have working for us a group of legislators who do not believe in economic reality. They live in a fantasy world, a world of nobility and pomp, a world where rules do not apply to them and most importantly a world which is governed by special interest lobbyists. Two proposed laws truly astound me this session, the one to eliminate plastic shopping bags and the repeal of tax exemptions on heating fuels, prescription drugs and some foods along with many services. The bag ban is ridiculous. Consumers actually use plastic bags to carry out their purchases from a store. I know this sounds amazing to the legislature who obviously does not shop in stores nor buy any groceries. It will hurt mainly older folks who wish to carry smaller bags from the store so they are easier to handle. I know personally my 88 year old Mother prefers smaller bags to carry from the store. Also I am not sold on all of the supposed environmental benefit to banning them.
In an effort to cover up the years of excessive Democratic spending, many of these same Democratic legislators wish to tax virtually everything and many services. Why? To continue their wasteful spending? To continue to hire political hacks in excessively compensated positions (like Chris Donovan's mouthpiece)? What a continual waste of taxpayers monies. And the net result will be more people moving out of our state. We really have a non economic reality state legislature. We really have no representation. Let the tea parties continue...

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