Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Chris Dodd Won't Just Go Away

No he will not go away. The Chris Dodd, I did nothing wrong campaign for re-election for Senator is in full swing. Dodd, realizing that he lives in Connecticut again rather than Iowa is now showing Connecticut residents all the great things he has done for the state over the past 34 years of imperial power. He was in Middletown, a few days ago, buying some votes to anyone who will listen to him. Several letters to the editor have been published stating that he really did not do anything wrong but get some political payback, therefore one must assume that he is actually entitled to it being a United States Senator.
To myself and many other voters, the facts are clear. Dodd has corrupted his office and help cause one of the greatest financial meltdowns in our nation's history. He can not run from the responsibility of it. Affordable housing and the covering up of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are on his watch and leadership. He has misused and lied to the people he represented and will lose his office in 2010. No amount of campaigning for him can undo the mess he has created. Dodd will lose in 2010 and Connecticut will finally have a new Senator who is not corrupt and unethical like our current one.

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