Sunday, April 05, 2009

Another Bitter Democratic Budget-Tax and Spend

I wonder why Connecticut Democrats hate taxpayers in our state? With their laughable current budget proposal they truly show their hatred of those who work for a living and own businesses here in Connecticut. How is their budget actually a budget? To me as an economist, it is just a massive increase in spending coupled with a massive increase in taxes. It is difficult to view in any other manner. Yes there are magical and mythical types of savings based upon some sort of projected cuts and increases in revenue although I personally can not figure them out. But the focus of the Democrats budget is simple, increase taxes on virtually everything especially the income tax and continue to spend at higher levels. This you can figure out even if you are not an economist. Thus this budget is the same that we have seen when the Democrats control the legislature, no programs can be cut, no spending can be decreased and most importantly taxes must increase. With these increases we will see more of the same in Connecticut, more businesses moving out and more young people moving out of the state. I know the Democrats are proud of the current mess they have created. 2010 can't happen soon enough.

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