Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Problems of Chris Dodd Never Cease

Do you think Chris Dodd could survive one day working for a private company? With all of the baggage that he has at this time, why would anyone want to hire him? Why do taxpayers have to still put up with him? Why does he even consider running for re election with all of the twists, turns, lies and deceptions he has forced upon Connecticut residents for the past six years. What can he offer our state anymore since he has turned the position of United States Senator into his own personal play land of payoffs and patronage? How can anyone in the Connecticut Democratic party actually endorse this type of corruption? And why has our political system in Connecticut succumbed to this lack of ethics?
The new allegations against Dodd and his forgetfulness of who from AIG actually gave to his campaign, his wife's forgetfulness of which boards she sits on and get paid from and last but not least his sweetheart mortgage deal should not be forgotten in 2010. Dodd deserves to lose and will in 2010. It is just too bad that taxpayers must pay for his never ending pension he will receive from us as he retires.

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