Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The New Democrat Tax On Shopping Bags

House Bill 5215. This is a beauty developed by Connecticut's tax and spend Democrats. If you forget to bring the "green" bags that you were forced to buy at your grocery stores, you will now charged a tax of five cents for each paper or plastic bag that you use. These monies will supposedly go to state Department of Environmental Protection. The state is projecting stealing $10 million dollars from state taxpayers when they shop. I truly do not believe that one cent will be going to this department but will be lumped as usual into the state's slush fund better known as the General Fund. What gives the right of the state to do this? What about elderly shoppers who may not be able to carry the "green" bags? What a rip off as usual by the tax and spend Democrats in Hartford.
Thus this assembly promotes more of the same, higher spending and higher taxes using any excuse they can possibly muster on any possible aspect of our lives. I urge all taxpayers to voice their opposition to House Bill 5215. There is no need for this theft to occur.

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