Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Here Come The Cuts

Here come the cuts. The elitist Democratic party of Connecticut is finally going to show the state what their true colors are. The Democratic legislature is going to show the illiterate taxpayers of our state, budget cuts shown in three different scenarios. Obviously the scenarios will be mild, tough, and draconian. To use a psychological advantage on their own ineptness in leading the state, the Democrats will now will resort to picking up on an Obama theme, scare and fear given certain cuts in programs for our state. Democrats want to preserve as many political patronage jobs as they possibly can thus they will cut "real" programs to help save money. Mr. Donovan's $165,000 mouthpiece stays. Mr. Gaffey's rhetoric about double billing the state stays. Mr. Lawlor's attack on the Catholic Church stays.
Taxpayers are not stupid to this political game that the Democrats continue to play in Connecticut. We have the highest tax burden in the country, along with the highest gas tax, highest electric rates in the country, one of the worse climates for business and industry in the country and we are now going to be spoon fed their drastic measures. The Democrats in Hartford are unfit to lead. They have lost Connecticut as taxpayers continue to tune out their corruption and games. 2010 can't happen soon enough.

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