Sunday, February 08, 2009

State of Connecticut Pension = Continuing To Work For The State Forever

State of Connecticut pension = continuing to work for the state forever. I thought that if you retired from the State of Connecticut with your pension, you could work for 120 days at the most twice. I did not know you could work forever and double dip as long as you want. What a deal! I was even more astounded as both an educator and as a taxpayer that UConn allows this to happen; "One of the biggest UConn "double-dippers" is Richard Kochanek, the former head of the accounting department in the School of Business. Kochanek, 66, teaches two big introductory accounting classes each semester, for which he is paid $81,650 a year, records show. That's on top of his pension, which is $174,432 annually." - Hartford Courant Sunday 2/8/08. That is about $20000+ plus for one class! In the 27 years that I have been teaching Business and Economics classes at area Colleges and Universities I never made more than $3300 a class. Hey I would be willing to teach that great big Accounting class for half of that and save the state over $40,000! Wow what a deal!
I continue to be astounded at the lack of rules that govern anything Connecticut's government does. Even with rules in place and audits taking place, I guess it is just a question of the hell with laws and rules, we can do anything we want. Nor do we want any new educators with new ideas coming in and teaching our students. I guess Good ol' Boys will be Good ol' Boys and taxpayers once again be damned. What another waste of taxpayers monies.

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