Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our New Economics, Boy Does It Scare Me

Our new Economics, boy does it scare me. I know that as an Instructor of Business and Economics I need to revamp all of my lectures. I need to lecture my students on why our Federal government has to spend money on special interest groups, pork barrel projects and not worry about paying taxes. I can see a lecture on why when one is appointed to a Cabinet position in a new Presidential administration that one does not need to worry about paying taxes. My case study would be Treasury Secretary Geithner who just forgot to pay them and is appointed to this position. In my case study I will compare myself not paying taxes and the penalties that I would endure and Geithner's avoidance of all penalties. I can show how special he is because he is a Democrat. I can also use as a case study Senator Chris Dodd, how a Senator can use his political influence to state that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are solvent when they are really not and then be able to get a sweetheart deal on his own mortgage. Economics therefore equals lies and your ability as an elected official to lie basically about anything and everything. Lastly I can use in a lecture that we stimulate our economy through special interest, partisan, corrupt, pork barrel spending funnelled through the Federal government. They can now limit what others make, nationalize our health care system so that more can die and then exempt themselves from the economic mess they have bestowed upon taxpayers. I am really scared but I will choose to continue to teach that the free market system is the only economic system which allows for economic growth and prosperity, something that the Democratic party hates.

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