Sunday, February 15, 2009

The New Transparency - Taxpayers Have No Rights

The New Transparency - taxpayers have no rights. This was proven by the Obama administration and his Democratic soldiers in Congress. This new transparency means that taxpayers have no representation by any of the Democratic members of Congress. Here in Connecticut anyone who works for a living has absolutely no representation in Washington. For in a democracy common voices should be heard and debate needs to occur in order for that democracy to survive. What we saw Friday was a rape of our democracy. What we saw with the passing of this so called stimulus package was a rape of taxpayers in our country. What we saw Friday was a rape of children's and grand children's future. What we saw by the new President and his Democratic Congress was a blatant and chilling closing of democracy. The rape of prosperity, freedom of speech and representative government was accomplished by this bill. I can only take comfort that 2010 is coming and taxpayers will have the final say at that time.

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