Saturday, February 21, 2009

It Is Really Time For Chris Dodd To Resign

It is really time for Chris Dodd to resign as Senator of Connecticut. Yesterday Dodd once again proved his incompetence as head of the Senate Banking Committee with his remarks regarding short term nationalization of our banking system. With this remark he was able to cause millions of Americans to lose even more money in the stock market as prices fell. His panic remarks came after his stupid remarks over the past two years both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are in great financial shape, that TARP will help both banks and the credit markets and his nondisclosure of his sweetheart mortgage deal with Countywide mortgage (which benefited from the first bailout bill dramatically). Enough is enough, between lying about his mortgage, getting financial donations from the banking and finance industries which are influencing his decision left and right and now his panic remarks, Dodd can no longer govern. He is causing incredible damage to our financial system and to our state.
Chris Dodd is the reason why we need the power of a recall election in Connecticut. We as taxpayers and voters must force him out of office today, we can't wait until 2010 anymore. Taxpayers can no longer accept his personal glory and self interest as the guise of being a Senator. Dodd needs to resign today.

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