Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Representative Mushinsky = No Change As Usual

Representative Mushinsky of Wallingford represents no change as usual in her recent political appointment as Chairperson of the Program Review and Investigations Committee. I find her appointment ironic as she represents 28 years of her failed liberal agenda in the state legislature. Her most important vote being for the state income tax. Now she wants to look at tax credits for many industries. However, hasn't she been in office for 28 years and been part of many of these tax credits? She also wishes to look at many programs and view results based accounting for state programs. When has anyone in state government including herself been worried about results based anything? Her mantra has been tax and spend, tax and spend to the point that Connecticut is the second highest taxed state in the country and we are in one of the poorest preforming economies in the country with massive population drains. Yes all these problems are indirectly the result of her failed 28 year liberal agenda along with the failed agenda of Connecticut's Democratic party which has now pushed our state to the edge of no return. I still find it amazing that Wallingford voters were blind in seeing this and brought her back for yet another two years of failure.

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