Saturday, December 13, 2008

Let's Sell All Congressional Seats!

Let's sell all Congressional seats. Better yet why don't we charge money to our current Senators and Representatives for keeping their seats. States could generate a great deal of revenue from this. For example here in Connecticut it would be a great way to help pay off the massive overspending by the Democratic state legislature over the years. Isn't it true that most of Congress are multi millionaires anyways? They can afford to pay the states they represent (or have moved to in order to obtain the seat)millions of dollars to retain their seat. What is the use of elections anyways? Incumbents can control their district or state for years with no amount of wrong doing ever forcing them from office. Look at Chris Dodd, he has helped to create the financial crisis our economy is experiencing and got a sweetheart mortgage deal on top of that. And why should he or any other member of Congress worry about any sense of ethics and or worry about any type of law that runs our nation. All 535 members should be and are above all that nonsense that we taxpayers must follow. Congress has become the ruling elite following no law, needing no ethics nor have any concerns other than their own self gain and financial reward. Maybe in 2009 taxpayers should break away from this tyranny like we did in 1776. Enough is enough.

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