Saturday, November 15, 2008

Where Is The Economic Turnaround?

Where is the economic turnaround? I really thought it would happen with election day. I really thought it would happen here in Connecticut when voters decided to return in mass the same stale tax and spend politicians back to Hartford so obviously they can continue to tax and spend us some more for two years. I really thought with the Obama crowning that the stock market would recover its 5000 point loss in the week and that his new tax and spend policies would be embraced by anyone who either works for a living and or invests in our economy. I really thought with the talk of socialization of our 401K plans that the market would embrace all of that money flowing out of the economy and into government's hand. I really thought that the 2012 Presidential election would start in earnest on November 6th and even more new and greater economic socialization plans would be discussed and enacted upon immediately. I really thought our economy would turn around (and our biased media would disappear). I guess you get what you vote for.

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