Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday's Quick Thoughts

Some quick thoughts:
Why is the Constitutional Convention in Connecticut a bad idea? We have an unresponsive state legislature along with an equally unresponsive legal and executive branch of government, why not make them accountable? What is wrong with that? I am voting in favor of it.
Speaking of unresponsiveness, Wallingford voters in the 85th district actually have a choice between the incumbent tax and spend liberal Mary Mushinsky and a political newcomer Republican Mike Vitali. In my opinion he has a great chance of unseating Mushinsky who is completely out of touch with anyone who works for a living in Wallingford. Vote for Vitali in the 85th.
Another day and another no response from Chris Dodd and his unethical mortgage deal from Countrywide Mortgage. Why does he still represent us? Why does the media continue to ignore this major issue?
Sarah Palin continues to shine with John McCain. What a great choice and a great team. Compare Obama/Biden with McCain/Palin. The Democrats have to be wondering why they got suckered into this mess of a ticket, ultra liberal, combative, irresponsible, inexperienced, anti-woman, new and higher taxes, no leadership qualities. McCain/Palin will win...

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