Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hey Taxpayer - Got Any More Money?

Hey do you have any more money? Let us say $85 billion? What do you mean you don't? What do you mean you are tapped out from what you as a taxpayer gave to Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, JP Morgan and others? What do you mean by a free market system which allows for supply and demand to exist, didn't you learn that in Economics 101 from Professor Swick many years ago? What do you mean that when you went for a mortgage you had to put 20% down for your house or condo and you have to prove you were employed and verify what income you earned? What do you mean that it was legal for these same companies who are going broke and using taxpayers monies that their CEO's are still getting their high salaries and bonuses? What do you mean you lost $25,000+ so far in your 401K? What do you mean by Social Security and the concept of retirement when members of Congress are excluded from Social Security? What is Capitalism? Is it now Government Capitalism?
I truly wish I could wake up from this financial debacle and see how a free market works again...

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