Friday, September 19, 2008

The Energy Bill That Isn't

Oh we will give you an energy bill and what a beauty it is. The Democrats in Congress never cease to amaze with their brazen deception of the American taxpayer and energy consumer. This "new" energy bill allows for drilling offshore, it is too bad that there is no oil where they are allowing oil companies to drill and only with the states approval and only with the bulk of the royalties going to the government. Wow, this should help our energy crisis and we energy consumers are once again being told to drop dead by our leaders in Washington. What is the point of this deception? Why do the Democrats have so many problems in becoming realistic with energy issues? So it just more of the same, no new sources of energy, not now, not then, not never. A great thanks should be given to this most horrific self serving Congress in our nation's history.

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