Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Senator Dodd's Non Issue

Senator Dodd has a non issue. His receiving a subprime mortgage at below market rates is a non issue. It is an issue that he has no reason to respond to nor any legal obligation to. Senator Dodd apparently has done nothing wrong. As a matter of fact all United States Senators and Representatives should not be concerned at all with laws, rules, ethics or the like, even the new Democratic candidates for President and Vice President. Secret deals for real estate or plagiarism, not a big deal.
All of our members of Congress need no guidance, upholding of laws, or ethics values. We as taxpayers must understand that they are a ruling elite. They are nobility taking away personal freedoms at a whim in order to further their self interest. They talk all the time using rhetoric to their fullest advantage only to be trying to find the next angle to promote their own self interest.
Enough is enough, we as taxpayers in Connecticut need to force the issue of Senator Dodd's subprime mortgage and his subsequent mortgage bailout deal. It is too bad our local media is blind to this gross ethics violation.

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