Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Russia: Back to Communism

Russia is going back to Communism. If you have been following the tragic news of Russia invading Georgia over the supposed South Ossetia issue, one can see the formations of the old USSR redeveloping in Eastern Europe. I find it interesting that Czar Putin decides to launch his war on Georgia on the day that the China Olympic games start. Unification of our world seems to be a theme in the Olympics yet Georgia as a Democratic free country needs to be eliminated in the eyes of Putin and his military men.
We again view the United Nations as a hapless and helpless governing body which is unable to condemn this brutal attack on innocent and free people nor do anything about it. President Bush equally misplayed his response and belief in this new Russian Dictator who has reemerged as again a threat to the free world.
Senator John McCain spoke the truth in his response to this terror. Putin privately must be worried that a McCain Presidency will spell trouble for him. As a President, McCain will not be weak or meek against this type of unprovoked terror. My heart and prayers go out for the freedom loving citizens of Georgia.

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