Saturday, August 30, 2008

McCain-Palin An Excellent Choice

McCain-Palin. I like the sound of that. I also like the confusion it creates for the Democratic party. So much for their change of nominating two ultra liberal males, one who has no track record and one whose track record is fair/poor at best. Talk about politics as usual.
Sarah Palin brings a great deal for the Republican ticket and in my opinion will lead them to victory in November. She is bright, intelligent, reform minded, not afraid to take on political machines and has a great deal of common sense and love (being a Mother of five children). Whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, you have to be proud of McCain's choice. Yes it is true that John McCain is ready from day one. And with his choice for Vice President it also shows his future vision, wisdom and ability to lead our country. Yes McCain-Palin, an excellent choice.

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