Friday, May 30, 2008

#1 at the Pumps and #1 in Taxes - What a combo to be proud of!

#1 at the Pumps and #1 in Taxes - What a combo to be proud of! I hope everyone campaigning for reelection in the Connecticut House and Senate will be placing this in their brochures during the campaign so that all voters can read about it. This distinction is something that all elected officials in Connecticut should be proud of. We now have the highest gas prices in the country along with the highest level of taxes in the country. And the best part of it is that our gas prices will be going up on July 1 again when the secret gross earnings tax goes up to a mere 7.5% increasing per gallon taxes on gas to at least .53 cents a gallon or more depending upon the wholesale level price. But again what do we as motorists or taxpayers care, we have unlimited sources of income to deal with these obscene costs. And what do our elected officials care, they have no accountability or responsibility to the people they serve. November - I can only hope for a massive cleaning in Hartford.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sue Them and Make Them Pay!

Sue Them and Make Them Pay! This is the new energy policy of the United States. The House recently passed a bill which enables them to sue OPEC. I am sure that OPEC would gladly respond to this type of lawsuit with no problem. Let me see - I can picture Hugo Chavez in a courtroom in Washington after having lunch with liberal members of the Congress. Or better yet Ahmadinejad from Iran enjoying afternoon tea with several lobbyists before his court appearance. How stupid can Congress be? We have just seen our new energy policy. Never mind expanding oil production, new refineries, expand nuclear and hydroelectric energy, expand geothermal energy. Nope, let us sue them and make them pay. OPEC's response will probably be that they can sell their oil elsewhere with little problem. How much is heating oil now, $8 a gallon? Thanks Congress and please by all means reelect these fools again in November.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Why Must Corruption Pay In Connecticut?

Why must corruption pay in Connecticut? Why must taxpayers be forced to pay retirement benefits for those state workers and politicians who are corrupt, break the law and are convicted? Why has it been so difficult for the State Legislature to pass a meaningful law which is retroactive to take away these benefits to corrupt state employees and politicians? Has the function of state politics become so inept and corrupt that there is actually a debate on the level of corruptness and in the level of benefits that must be mandated to pay these same corrupt workers and officials? I am truly lost with this debate and it shows the amazing level of arrogance and disregard that our state legislature has for the taxpayers of this state. Again I urge voters to vote these legislators out of office in November. What a waste of taxpayers monies and what a waste of a debate for all. If you have been convicted you have forfeited your rights and benefits-why is that so difficult to understand?

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I Forgot It Was May 8, 2008 Since I Have Been Too Busy Working

I forgot it was May 8, 2008 today. I know I should have remembered an important day like today-Tax Freedom Day, but I have been too busy working to pay my taxes and trying to survive here. There is not much that can be said about it. In Connecticut we work longer than any other state to pay for our Federal, State and Local taxes. And our elected officials, especially on a state level could care less about it as evidenced by this last horrific state legislative session which has just closed. Thus we must shut up and work and support a failed liberalism which is embraced by self serving politicians who continue to do nothing to improve our state. Their belief of tax and spend has failed and will continue to fail us in the future at all levels of government. Change is essential if we are going to survive. I can only hope it happens in November.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Congratulations On Doing Nothing!

Congratulations On Doing Nothing! The Democrats in Hartford have achieved the ultimate in poor government. Spending $18.7 billion dollars in a reckless manner with no thoughts as to the overtaxtion of the public, the squandering of the surplus, while raising the minimum wage and giving absolutely no thought to the impending deficit that will be coming in next years budget. What an incredible waste of taxpayers monies! The budget in my economic opinion is a cruel hoax to the taxpayers in our state. Why the inaction? Why must we cut our personal spending due to the excessive costs of energy, excessive local and state taxes and our leaders just continue to spend to infinity? Please, please wake up and vote these mediocre leaders out of office in November. But before that I wish to congratulate each one on doing nothing.