Sunday, January 27, 2008

Who am I going to vote for in the primary? Mitt Romney

Who am I going to vote for in the primary? Mitt Romney. I have spent a great deal of time debating who will I vote for in the upcoming Republican primary. I have read over a great deal of information on Ron Paul, John McCain, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani. I see that each candidate has some strong points and some weak points. My concern is when election time comes in November I truly fear either a Clinton or Obama administration, with all of the problems that will be forthcoming from either candidate(higher taxes, weak foreign policy, poor economic decisions). Thus I must look at who can win in November for the Republicans. Again the more I have read about the candidates and in particular their economic platforms, I have decided to vote for Mitt Romney and see him as being the best candidate to lead our country in 2009. Romney's call for the elimination of the dreaded capital gains tax for certain taxpayers is essential for our long term growth and well being. He in my opinion, seems to represent the most dynamic economic candidate that we can offer our electorate. And in 2009, we will see that the economy will be the most important issue facing our country. We can ill afford a Democratic Tax and Spend President which will be forthcoming from either candidate. Their concept of change is more of the same, tax and spend to infinity. My change will come from my vote for Mitt Romney.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Look at what I have done! Please give me more! Connecticut's State Legislature

2008 is another election year. This year we will once again elect our State Legislature. We will continue to hear from now to election day incredible stories of how bad or how great everything is in our state. We will hear incredible stories (as seen in the recent mailings of our State Representatives and Senators) of all the great things that they have done for us, using of course our tax monies. When reading the cards that we mailed to my family at my expense, I wondered if I was living in the same Connecticut as they described.
There were incredible things done apparently in this past legislative session although they escaped my attention since I was very busy working two jobs to help support my ever growing state tax burden and the ever growing state budget. My family has had to cut back due to the excessive tax burden of Connecticut, high state college costs, higher energy prices, higher insurance costs and higher food costs. Has anyone in Hartford thought about cutting spending and in turn cutting taxes? Or does this concept not exist in our failed state legislature?
Thus the election of 2008 will again bring about the same group of mediocre state legislatures whose main concerns are the lobbyists that support them and give them power rather than those who elect them. A major overhaul and audit of the state budget is needed for Connecticut to survive. Again we as taxpayers deserve better.