Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pork-Please let me spend more and more and more

Pork, pork and more pork. I see things have not changed in Congress. Under the “New” Democratic leadership, a mockery has made of the current Iraq bill which will allows an incredible amount of non related Iraq spending to take place. So much for the elimination of pork barrel spending. This bill adds a mere $30 billion plus to non war related activities to help buy the votes to pass it. Thus you as taxpayers are seeing the great lie of the Democratic party. Even though they campaigned to eliminate pork barrel spending it is just more of the same. Any kind of spin can be placed on this, Democrats will try to manipulate this bill to their advantage and again nothing changes. How can taxpayers have any faith in a Congress which is so out of control and clueless to the real problems of our country? Again we need term limitations, both the House and Senate need to be four year terms, each limited to two terms. You may serve for eight years and move on. This would bring in fresh and new ideas to both bodies of Congress and hopefully eliminate the fraud that takes place each day they are in session. I conclude by asking what has Ted Kennedy really done in over 40 years as a Senator? He is the greatest argument for term limitations that I know of. And the waste and pork continues ad infinitum.