Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Connecticut's Energy Induced Recession

Connecticut's State Department of Public Utility Control truly amazes me. Whatever any utility wants in the state gets from this supposed balanced commission. With yesterdays United Illuminating ruling of an incredible 50% increase in rates, we can see from an economic point of view that Connecticut will be going into an energy induced recession from this ruling. The comedy of the whole situation is that Connecticut's do nothing legislature has help create this mess by forcing both UI and Northeast Utilities out of the generating business for electricity. Thus by buying electricity on the open market, this deregulation has forced prices through the roof. It has not have the intended impact of our feel good legislature thought it would have. I give UI credit for its total disregard for its customers by asking for and receiving this astronomical increase. I am sure that UI's management staff will receive its annual performance bonuses, stock options and the like.
Thus Connecticut will be going into an energy induced recession. The blame for it can be equally shared by the electric companies, the Connecticut Legislature and last but not least the Connecticut DPUC. Consumers will be doing without to pay for their incredibly high electric bills, businesses will be moving out of our state due to high electric costs and sadly the same stale politicians in Hartford who supposedly represent us will be back yet again in 2008 saying what a great job they did.
I just hope that the last person who leaves Connecticut will turn out the lights once and for all.

Monday, December 11, 2006

I thought Iraq was a free country?

I thought Iraq was a free country? I guess I am mistaken after looking at new commission report which was developed by a group of experts(?)and their findings. I have always wondered why influential individuals seem to lose their common sense when acting in a group or committee. In this case the report makes no sense to me what so ever nor can be applied to the conflict. We as a nation need to remember that many terrorists wish to murder us all and eliminate our freedom. We must realize that terrorism loves to embrace our economic system to fund its activities. Yet their hatred of us is ironic. 9/11 still remains in our history due to the murders of many innocent US citizens whose only crime was that they went to work that day. Negotiating with terrorists is not an option.

Terrorists have a great hate of themselves and others in our world. That is why they wish to continue their terrorist activities. Our American freedom has been fought for since before 1776 and will continue to be fought for in the future. How many people throughout our world crave freedom? And are willing to give their lives for it? Iraq is a developing free democracy in the Middle East. And one day with our help it will remain free. It is a lesson that other countries should understand.