Saturday, February 29, 2020

The Failures Of More Taxes In Connecticut

It is economically irrational to believe that new and or increased taxes will resolve any existing problems in the state of Connecticut.
For example, tolls and the supposed revenue that will be gained from them will repair the state's road and highway system.  There is already in place a fund and specific taxes that should be used for this but is moved in to the state's general fund for spending elsewhere.  Tolls will only raise the cost of living in Connecticut.
Another example is a 35% excise tax on all ammunition sold in Connecticut in order to deter the use of guns and thus reduce violence, crime and murders in the state.  There are many fallacies to this tax as in my opinion and the opinion of many others all the tax will do is penalize law abiding citizens who hunt and use guns for target shooting, etc. in a legal manner.  A hardened criminal will continue to obtain guns and ammunition in usually illegal manners in order to rob someone, rob a business and or murder someone.  Since Connecticut has created more and more laws to encourage illegal actions and behaviors it should be no surprise that there has been a massive increase in crime over the past few years.  The death penalty has been eliminated in the state thus that law gets criminals off the hook and they are now supported for the rest of their lives by legal Connecticut Taxpayers in prison.  For the most part these criminals are not reformed by being sentenced to life in prison.  And what happened to the right of those individuals who they hurt, maimed and or killed?  Obviously their rights do not matter to the Connecticut Democrat Party.  Nor will a 35% tax on ammunition deter criminals either, it is just another failure of Connecticut's Utopian liberalism when it comes to treating those violent criminals that roam our state especially our decaying cities.
More, new and or higher taxes serve no purpose other than to fuel the wasteful spending that we see in Hartford on a daily basis.
More, new and or higher taxes serve no purpose other than to keep a ruling Connecticut Democrat elite in power.
More, new and or higher taxes serve no purpose other than to keep Connecticut in an economic recession that the state can never get out of.
More, new and or higher taxes serve no purpose other than to keep a bloated bureaucracy operational to suffice the needs of a failed political nepotism system that is constantly propped up by these taxes.
More, new and or higher taxes fail Connecticut on a daily basis.
Enough is enough.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Connecticut Still Needs To Cut Spending

No Tolls was heard loud and clear by a bunch of scared and frightened Connecticut Democrat legislators who feared for their political lives this past week in Hartford.  The Connecticut Republican Party at the same time decided enough was enough and broke out of their political hibernation and decided they would read each word of the political pork toll bill in session and stage a 30 hour filibuster on the bill to stop it.  The Connecticut Democrat Party became outraged by this action realizing that a majority of legal taxpayers in the state were against tolls.  They expected to ram these new "user fee tax tolls" with ease as they rammed massive tax increases on the state for years now.  The new toll bill would in my opinion quickly spiral into massive tolls on all vehicles with a high per mile "user fee tax tolls" implemented on all drivers in the state.  The money from these "user fee tax tolls" we all know would not go to fix and or repair our bridges, roads and highways, it would find its way into the general fund.  Therefore we would continue to see massive budget deficits each year, an increasing $140 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities and no repairs done to the road system.
It is ironic that the state actually has a transportation fund that if it wasn't raided yearly by the Connecticut Democrat Party would pay for the upkeep and repairs to our bridge and road system.  It is also ironic that if the state cut spending across the board from 2 to 5% there would be more than enough money to pay for the upkeep and repairs to our bridge and road system.  It is also ironic that Governor Lamont illegally held up municipal aid to our towns and cities in order to get his failed tolls system passed.  Now the money gets freed up nine months late in violation of the passed state budget and the state constitution.  Sickening to say the least.
Connecticut really needs to cuts its spending.  It can no longer afford its overpaid Commissioners and political high and mid level managers any more.  There is no checks and balances in our government that oversee wasteful and fraudulent state spending, corporate welfare and or failed state programs that do nothing for the state except waste legal Connecticut Taxpayers monies.   Programs remain funded that offer nothing to the state.  Political expedient state funded programs especially in the University system remain paid in full with no results except for keeping politcal appointments in a Taxpayer funded job for life.
Governor Lamont unfortunately really can not led the state as shown by his constant lies about tolls.  How he ever made it in business is beyond me and many other legal Connecticut Taxpayers.  And now is the time for the Connecticut Republican Party since they are awake to present on a daily basis areas to cut state spending, improve state government efficiencies and develop a plan to address the $140 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities.  The time is now with this minor victory over tolls.
Make no mistake tolls will continue to be offered as the only alternative to repair the roads by the Connecticut Democrat Party.  And make no mistake that if the state actually were to cut its wasteful and fraudulent spending, bridges and roads would be fixed while taxes would go down in both the short and long run along with a lowering of the state's massive debt.
It can be done.   Connecticut can cut its spending and needs to start today.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Why Cut Connecticut State Spending?

Why cut Connecticut state spending?
I mean why?
Why is it necessary?
Connecticut has only $140 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities.  A staggering figure for a state as small as Connecticut.  If the state does not spend its bloated budget for seven years straight it would pay off this debt but would not have one cent to feed the political trough known as our state government.
Connecticut continues to lag behind the rest of the country in economic development, economic growth, job creation, new business development and business friendliness along with having the highest property taxes and state taxes in the country.  It continues to be a bottom five rank in most if not all economic categories.
Why cut Connecticut state spending?
I mean why?
Why is it necessary?
This short legislative session is more of the same increases in taxes, increases in spending along with new laws to take away legal Connecticut residents freedoms.  The biggest new tax, a socialist's dream is the full implementation of tolls first for trucks and then for cars.  The new toll tax will further cement Connecticut's economic nightmare of more population losses, more businesses moving out of state, more taxes and a much higher cost of living for the legal working middle class.  The new toll tax should make Connecticut rank 50 out of 50 in all economic categories in the near future while doing nothing at all to repair or maintain the road system in the state. More lies by the Connecticut Democrat Party in the face of massive opposition to this new toll tax.
There is a simplistic solution to Connecticut's economic debt and chronic budget deficits.
Cut spending.
It is a simplistic approach that never is spoken in Hartford.  An across the board cut in salaries, benefits and all state agencies budgets from 2% to 10%.  There is no longer any justification for the excessive salaries, benefits and pensions that are being paid out to state commissioners and state union and management workers.  As a taxpayer I can not see either efficiencies nor the value of overpaying these state workers?  Have they streamlined any processes?  Have they found ways to save money in their departments?  Will any procedures be developed to make their departments more user friendly to Connecticut Taxpayers?  Why are their budgets increased yearly?  What are the economic justifications?
Instead we have more of the same inefficient, bloated state bureaucracy and political nepotism in place in our state government.
Cutting state spending and making state spending more efficient is critical to getting Connecticut back on track economically.  However with the bunch of political losers and hacks who govern us we will never see it.   Cutting state spending and making state spending more efficient would start to attract new businesses without state government corporate welfare that is so well known in Connecticut and does nothing to create jobs or tax revenues.
Connecticut Taxpayers need to demand cuts in spending in the areas that I stated earlier.  It will be the only way for Connecticut to survive economically.  By the way, NO TOLLS either.  That is another lie force fed to us by the Connecticut Democrat Party.
Cut state spending today.

Saturday, February 01, 2020

Connecticut's Constant Debt

Lost is the euphoric conversations about the economic greatness of tolls is Connecticut's $140 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities especially pension liabilities.  This $140 billion dollars of debt seems always to be ignored by the ruling elite of the Connecticut Democrat Party and by our biased state media.  This current economically unsustainable budget has already $96 million dollars in deficits and we still can not get an answer from any elected official as to where and what the supposed $500 million dollars in cuts are coming from that were part of this current budget to help balance it.
I guess our state government is just based on lies.
Lies about tolls.
Lies about how much revenue will come from the banning of plastic bags and its tax.
Lies about the highest income earning Connecticut Taxpayers and the taxes they pay since they are moving out of state on a daily basis.
Lies about the net migration of population moving out of state and the economic impact it is having on the state.
Lies about about cutting spending.
Lies about how the last three largest tax increases in the state history over the past ten years still can not either address the $140 billion dollars in short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities and or balance the current budget.  All we have seen is the debt grow even higher and higher with no end in sight.
There is a simple politically unpopular solution to Connecticut's economic mess.  Cut state spending.  Cut the bloated salaries of the state commissioners and their budgets.  Cut the ridiculous grandfathered pensions of a chosen few.  Do more with less money as Connecticut Taxpayers must do on a daily basis to survive in this state.
Connecticut has constant debt that continues to erode our state's economic health and well being.  Any way the Connecticut Democrat Party tries to sugarcoat it the problem is visible and horrific for the state.
However the upcoming short session of the state legislature will feature the desperate need for tolls and probably new and or higher taxes to address the budget deficit. 
I guess our state government is just based on lies.  Nothing really changes in Connecticut does it?