Saturday, April 07, 2018

Connecticut's Esty Crisis. Hypocrisy Rules.

Hypocrisy seems to be a prevalent theme in Connecticut politics in 2018.  Hypocrisy
seems to be a prevalent theme in Connecticut politics since the failed state income tax Weicker Administration of 1991.  It seems to me that for the 27 years and counting there is and has been a sense of no rule of law that needs to govern our elected officials at any level of government be it local, state or federal.  For example some of Connecticut's large cities are economic nightmares, poorly run and corrupted.  Hartford has been run into the ground for years its reward comes in the form of a Democrat $500 million dollar plus Connecticut Taxpayers bailout so that its inexperienced Mayor may be handed the Governors position in the coming election.  Drive over to Bridgeport (if you dare) and see a convicted Democrat Mayor get elected again to be Mayor of the city he stole from only to restart the same political machine he had before. He then has the audacity to run for Governor demanding Connecticut Taxpayers matching funds for his campaign.  Sanctuary cities are abundant in our state with little respect or regard given to the legal law abiding taxpayers of those same communities.  
Our state government exhibits a completely irrational means of governing that favors only its management and union employees with an unsustainable salary, benefit and pension package being forced down Connecticut Taxpayers throats.  The political patronage system on both sides of the aisle is alive and well in our state.  More inefficient spending, new and higher taxes are Connecticut's theme of political rule.  Short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities are the norm passing Connecticut's economic problems down to future unborn generations.
Now we introduce the hypocrisy of United States Representative Elizabeth Esty who has led the news over the past week(much to the dislike of in your face at all times Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal who lost his spotlight for a few minutes).  Esty has broken the law although you would have not known that as her cover up continues unabated.  Her crime was that she covered up was one of Tony Baker her former chief of staff accused of abusive and threatening behavior to a co-worker.  Baker's Democrat political reward was that he "resigned" from his $132,000 a year Taxpayer funded position, was given both a Taxpayer funded $4580 buyout and a $5000 severance package along with a letter of recommendation to obtain a job at the gun control organization Sandy Hook Promise.  In private industry I believe that this situation would never have happened and Mr. Baker would have been arrested rather than rewarded as he was.  Esty is having a great deal of difficulty working her way out of this issue she created.  She is a hypocrite to the women she employs on her staff by not protecting her employees from harassment which is against the law.  Esty in her wisdom will not run for re-election placing a damper on the Connecticut Democrat political patronage machine and its lawless values.  I am sure she is making the proper political negotiations so that she will be able to continue to receive her salary and benefits until her term is up.  She will be cast as a victim and will be promised a high paying doing nothing job from one of her campaign donors or at some level of government.  
I truly feel sorry for her remaining employees who have to work for her in threatening conditions.  I am also appalled at the lack of ethics and morals in her office.  Esty should resign but won't.  I also believe the legal voters of Connecticut's 5th District may want someone new to represent them possibly an ethical Republican like Manny Santos or Dr. Petit rather than another corrupt Democrat in the Esty mold.  Hypocrisy rules in our political system.  It sickens me.  And yes it yet another example of the many that: It Is Time To Take Back Connecticut In 2018.

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