Saturday, March 31, 2018

Republican Joe Markley For Connecticut's Lieutenant Governor

As the race in Connecticut for Governor continues to heat up, there is an excellent declared candidate for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor.  Republican State Senator Joe Markley from the 16th District is running for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor.  Senator Markley is a principled conservative who has been an outspoken critic of Governor Malloy and his tax and spend policies.  Senator Markley has been a champion of Connecticut taxpayers fighting against the economically illogical tax increases that the Governor has forced upon the state.  Senator Markley also fought again the assisted suicide bill that did not make it out of committee.  His reasoning behind his vote against Andrew McDonald for Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court shows the great thought and research he places on each issue that comes before him in the Senate.  You can watch it at
He believes and has fought for limited government, fiscal responsibility, and personal liberty throughout his political career.
Time and time again Senator Markley has stayed true to his conservative principles throughout his terms as State Senator.  His beliefs and ability to articulate issues is unsurpassed in the State Senate.   Senator Markley's greatest effectiveness will be found as the new lieutenant governor for Connecticut.  More information can be found on him at and also at
It is time for a change in the Connecticut political regime.  It is time for Connecticut Republicans to unite behind Senator Markley for lieutenant governor and his platforms.  I support him and I urge my readers to support him also.

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