Saturday, March 17, 2018

Connecticut's New Tolls:Protest Against Bills #389 and #5391

Connecticut's government really can never get enough money to run a streamlined and efficient operation.  If one looks at the total disrepair of its bridges and roads an argument can be made as to where did the $2,266,955,203.52 the Connecticut Department of Transportation spent in fiscal year 2016-17 actually go to?  Examining the very complex DOT budget is a difficult task with money being channeled in many different ways in general terms.  Thus it is nearly impossible to see the money flow that is actually used to maintain our bridge and road system in the state.  Taxpayers do know Connecticut has one of the highest budgets for transportation in the country along with one of the highest administrative costs to run this department in the country.
Now Connecticut Taxpayers are trying to grasp two new legislative raised bills that enact tolls that are estimated to produce $1 billion dollars in toll revenue, 72% which would be paid by Connecticut residents.  The raised bills are: # 389 "AN ACT ESTABLISHING THE CONNECTICUT TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY."  To establish the Connecticut Transportation Authority to develop and implement electronic tolling systems., and raised bill #5391 "AN ACT CONCERNING TRANSPORTATION INFRASTRUCTURE." To require the Commissioner of Transportation to conduct studies and satisfy other requirements pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act for the purposes of developing electronic tolling systems on the highways of this state.  This Transportation Authority would have the ability to install tolls, collect toll revenue, borrow money, own and lease land, and manage maintenance and construction on tolled highways.  The new authority would have a 15 member board of directors that is appointed both directly and indirectly by the Governor.  The hope for the Connecticut Democrat Party is that they can pass these bills in this current short session, enact immediately the Commission, and make 15 Democrat political patronage appointments to run the Commission.  It is a socialist's dream Commission.  Political appointees telling Connecticut drivers and Taxpayers how much they will be paying for tolls.  State politicians seen to have forgotten how much already Connecticut drivers and Taxpayers pay in gasoline/diesel taxes, tire taxes, road use taxes and other miscellaneous taxes for the privilege of driving on our horrific bridge and road system.  There seems to be little result in the monies being used to maintain our current bridge and road system thus why we are going to be taxed more with no guarantee that the money will actually be used to maintain our bridge and road system?  To me it is a way to extract another $750,000,000 or more tax monies from Connecticut Taxpayers in now new tolls and still not have any guarantees that our bridge and road system would be improved and or maintained.
Connecticut Taxpayers need to protest again raised bills #389 and #5391.  Why should Connecticut Taxpayers allow yet a new politically motivated agency to be formed that will only further the economic demise of this state along with increasing its costs of living?  Enough is enough.

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