Saturday, March 31, 2018

Republican Joe Markley For Connecticut's Lieutenant Governor

As the race in Connecticut for Governor continues to heat up, there is an excellent declared candidate for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor.  Republican State Senator Joe Markley from the 16th District is running for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor.  Senator Markley is a principled conservative who has been an outspoken critic of Governor Malloy and his tax and spend policies.  Senator Markley has been a champion of Connecticut taxpayers fighting against the economically illogical tax increases that the Governor has forced upon the state.  Senator Markley also fought again the assisted suicide bill that did not make it out of committee.  His reasoning behind his vote against Andrew McDonald for Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court shows the great thought and research he places on each issue that comes before him in the Senate.  You can watch it at
He believes and has fought for limited government, fiscal responsibility, and personal liberty throughout his political career.
Time and time again Senator Markley has stayed true to his conservative principles throughout his terms as State Senator.  His beliefs and ability to articulate issues is unsurpassed in the State Senate.   Senator Markley's greatest effectiveness will be found as the new lieutenant governor for Connecticut.  More information can be found on him at and also at
It is time for a change in the Connecticut political regime.  It is time for Connecticut Republicans to unite behind Senator Markley for lieutenant governor and his platforms.  I support him and I urge my readers to support him also.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Connecticut Taxpayers Beat Up Again This Week

It was another bad week for Connecticut Taxpayers.  Again most of the 52 weeks in the year are bad for Connecticut Taxpayers.  Connecticut Taxpayers who have no union representation and little if any representation in Connecticut state government suffered several major blows in trying to keep their incomes protected from the enormous Connecticut tax burden that is imposed on them seven days a week, fifty two weeks a years, 365 days in the year.
This week it was learned although I believe most legal Connecticut Taxpayers knew this already that Connecticut Taxpayers worked the longest in the country until May 17, 2017 to pay their local, state and federal tax burden for 2017.  Connecticut ranks 50 out of 50 states, the longest time in the country for the third year in a row according to the Tax Foundation report which was quickly dismissed by State Revenue Commissioner Kevin Sullivan. 
This week it was also learned against great public outcry that the first steps in creating one of the most expensive toll road systems in the country moved out of committee.  These tolls will be paid mainly by Connecticut Taxpayers who drive in the state.  Our new utopian electronic toll system from what I read from the bill will make Connecticut one of the most expensive toll roads in the country along with having one of the highest administrative costs to run it.
This week it was learned that Connecticut Taxpayers will be paying for the city of Hartford's short and long term debt of $550 million dollars at a rate of between $24 and $36 million dollars a year. This along with the already $270 million dollars a year Hartford receives each year for a total of roughly $310 million dollars will be given to the city for an infinite amount of years.  The gift by Governor Malloy to his future handpicked successor for Governor Mayor Bronin is a classic political backroom pay off deal that does nothing to make Hartford more efficient in its spending nor renegotiate the incredible sums of Connecticut Taxpayers monies that is being spent on city employee management and union salaries, benefits and pensions.  Hartford should have gone bankrupt.  This will create a massive burden for Connecticut Taxpayers in the future.  It will also set the precedent for New Haven, Bridgeport and Waterbury to demand and receive even more Connecticut Taxpayers monies to further their liberal political agenda, political patronage and the sheltering of illegal immigrants in their cities.
This week it was learned that the current budget deficit of anywhere from $50 to $250 million dollars has still not been resolved.  One must remember that Connecticut's short and long term debt along with its unfunded liabilities is between $60 and $80 billion dollars with absolutely no plan to pay it off.
Why should all of this matter to Connecticut Taxpayers?  It is obvious that our appointed and elected Connecticut government officials feel comfortable in the complete destruction of Connecticut's economy through their massive tax plans and payoffs to keep the current and corrupted political system in place. 
Why should all of this matter to Connecticut Taxpayers?  It is obvious the Connecticut Democrat Party is proud to run on this horrific economic record for election and re-election in November.  It is business as usual for the Connecticut Democrat Party in their pay for play economy while the Connecticut Republican Party is crucified for their objections to the unqualified liberal activist Justice Andrew J. McDonald, to become chief justice of the state Supreme Court. 
Thus another week has passed in Connecticut.  Another week that Connecticut Taxpayers got beat up again.  Another week of living in Connecticut: A state with true taxation without representation.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Connecticut's New Tolls:Protest Against Bills #389 and #5391

Connecticut's government really can never get enough money to run a streamlined and efficient operation.  If one looks at the total disrepair of its bridges and roads an argument can be made as to where did the $2,266,955,203.52 the Connecticut Department of Transportation spent in fiscal year 2016-17 actually go to?  Examining the very complex DOT budget is a difficult task with money being channeled in many different ways in general terms.  Thus it is nearly impossible to see the money flow that is actually used to maintain our bridge and road system in the state.  Taxpayers do know Connecticut has one of the highest budgets for transportation in the country along with one of the highest administrative costs to run this department in the country.
Now Connecticut Taxpayers are trying to grasp two new legislative raised bills that enact tolls that are estimated to produce $1 billion dollars in toll revenue, 72% which would be paid by Connecticut residents.  The raised bills are: # 389 "AN ACT ESTABLISHING THE CONNECTICUT TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY."  To establish the Connecticut Transportation Authority to develop and implement electronic tolling systems., and raised bill #5391 "AN ACT CONCERNING TRANSPORTATION INFRASTRUCTURE." To require the Commissioner of Transportation to conduct studies and satisfy other requirements pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act for the purposes of developing electronic tolling systems on the highways of this state.  This Transportation Authority would have the ability to install tolls, collect toll revenue, borrow money, own and lease land, and manage maintenance and construction on tolled highways.  The new authority would have a 15 member board of directors that is appointed both directly and indirectly by the Governor.  The hope for the Connecticut Democrat Party is that they can pass these bills in this current short session, enact immediately the Commission, and make 15 Democrat political patronage appointments to run the Commission.  It is a socialist's dream Commission.  Political appointees telling Connecticut drivers and Taxpayers how much they will be paying for tolls.  State politicians seen to have forgotten how much already Connecticut drivers and Taxpayers pay in gasoline/diesel taxes, tire taxes, road use taxes and other miscellaneous taxes for the privilege of driving on our horrific bridge and road system.  There seems to be little result in the monies being used to maintain our current bridge and road system thus why we are going to be taxed more with no guarantee that the money will actually be used to maintain our bridge and road system?  To me it is a way to extract another $750,000,000 or more tax monies from Connecticut Taxpayers in now new tolls and still not have any guarantees that our bridge and road system would be improved and or maintained.
Connecticut Taxpayers need to protest again raised bills #389 and #5391.  Why should Connecticut Taxpayers allow yet a new politically motivated agency to be formed that will only further the economic demise of this state along with increasing its costs of living?  Enough is enough.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Connecticut Democrat Party Record For The Upcoming Election

In the upcoming Connecticut state election on November 6, 2018, the fight to take back Connecticut concludes.  In this election there is a strong possibility and probability that the Connecticut House and Senate will be controlled by the Republicans and we will have a Republican Governor.  The Connecticut Democrat Party has controlled the House since 1992.  Since 2008 the Connecticut Democrat Party has lost 34 House seats with a current split of 80 Democrats and 71 Republicans.  The Republicans lost the February special election in the 120th District that they held for 40 years by 63 votes with only 19% of the registered voters voting in the election.  In my opinion if the local Republican party had done their work they probably could have gotten 64 more Republican voters to the polls and the seat would have remained Republican.  I do not see this seat as staying Democrat for long. 
The Connecticut Democrat Party has controlled the Senate from 1996 to 2014.  In 2016 the Senate became split with 18 Democrats and 18 Republicans with Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman casting tie breaking votes on legislation. 
Let us now examine the record of the Connecticut Democrat Party in particular the past seven years of complete control of our state government in both chambers and as Governor.
In the past seven years Connecticut has had two of the highest tax increase in the states history.
In the past seven years Connecticut has had continuous budget deficits.
In the past seven years Connecticut has seen his unfunded pension liabilities increase dramatically.
In the past seven years Connecticut's union and management employees salaries, benefits and pensions costs have increase dramatically.
In the past seven years Connecticut has seen its short and long term debt along with its unfunded liabilities increase to $60 to $80 billion dollars.
In the past seven years Connecticut has had a massive loss of businesses that have moved out of state.
In the past seven years Connecticut has had a massive loss of citizens move out of state especially younger people.
In the past seven Connecticut has had many corporate taxpayer funded deals turn bad with Connecticut taxpayers footing the bill.
In the past seven years Connecticut has consistently dropped in all economic categories as compared to the 49 states in our country.
In my opinion and the opinions of others the Connecticut Democrat Party has failed miserably in running our state.  They have basically run it economically into the ground. 
This is the record they are running on for November.  They have taxed the economic vibrancy out of Connecticut.  They have developed and nurtured an elite political ruling class that can enjoy the economic spoils they created funded by the remaining Connecticut Taxpayers. 
Are you better off than you were in 2016?  2014? 1992?  Probably not.  Then why continue to vote for any Democrat in the November election?  Why would you based on the real record they have?
I think and many others think that we need a change in leadership in Hartford quickly before the state goes bankrupt due to economic incompetency and political patronage.  Vote Republican in November.

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Connecticut's Next Governor Republican Peter Lumaj

If you do not know already those remaining legal and illegal Connecticut voters will be going to the polls in November to elect a new Governor.  Mercifully Dan Malloy will no longer be Governor in January and he will be able to collect his Connecticut Taxpayer funded pension for life and or broker a sweetheart high paying job where he can continue to brag what a great job he did in Connecticut and continue to condemn all Republicans at all levels of government.
Republicans have a crowded field that are really not be covered by Connecticut's biased media.  Connecticut's biased media looks for a ritualistic condemnation by Republicans of President Trump before they will embrace any state or local Republican.  Thus is rather difficult to gather unbiased information about Connecticut Republican candidates since the media's only concern is to promote and gush over Democrat candidates for Governor such as ex felon Mayor Joe Gamin and Hartford's taxpayer funded bailout Mayor Luke Bronin.
There is a Republican candidate for Governor who I support and I urge my readers to support also.  Peter Lumaj who escaped from communist Albania when he was young and came to our country as a legal immigrant exemplifies what is great about our country.   He is a self made man who understands the horrors of communism.  He has worked hard in his life and is successful contributing greatly to his state and country.
His candidacy for Governor exhibits a breath of fresh air and fresh ideas in the broken arena of Connecticut's politics.  Mr. Lumaj's platforms can be found on his website
He has ideas that to me represent a new beginning and hope for Connecticut and its Taxpayers.
Some of his ideas include the selling of the Governor's Mansion, elimination of pensions for statewide constitution office holders, making the Office of Public Auditors  a non-partisan office, eliminate the Citizens Election Program (which in my opinion is a complete waste of money), eliminate the Early Release criminal Program, reform the costly collective bargaining process for state and municipal workers, and make Connecticut a Right-to-Work state.
Mr. Lumaj wants to enforce the unenforced state spending cap along with actually making our government transparent.  His bold ideas are far reaching and progressive.  He actually has a plan for the renaissance of Connecticut.  I appreciate his economic proposals of cutting state spending while also cutting taxes that are essential to get Connecticut economically vibrant again.
It is time for a change in the Connecticut political regime.  It is time for Connecticut Republicans to unite behind Mr. Lumaj and his platforms.  I will be discussing his ideas more in future columns.