Saturday, November 25, 2017

Connecticut's Economy Is Lousy

Connecticut's economy is lousy according to a recent United States Department of  Commerce report that looked at economic statistics and results from April to June 2017.  The state now ranks 43rd among 50 states for economic growth and is dead last of all New England states.
These statistics along with the next two quarters of results that will come out over the next six months will probably show the same poor statistics along with zero economic growth for 2016.  This will be the foundation that the Connecticut Democrat Party will run on in 2018.
This lack of economic growth, along with one of the highest pension liabilities in the country, along with being one of the highest taxed states in the country, along with short/long term debt and unfunded liabilities of $60 to $80 billion dollars is their platform in the 2018 state election.
Taxpayers and voters can then view if they are better off than they were in 2012, 2014 or 2016 when they head to the polls.
It will be interesting to hear the rhetoric from both sides of the aisle in the upcoming election.  The Democrats will probably maintain that most of the problems here in Connecticut are the result of President Trump and his policies even though he will only have been President for two years at that point.  We will hear all the great things the Connecticut Democrat Party has done for the elite state union and management employees protecting their high levels of taxpayers funded salaries, benefits and pensions.  We will hear about more Connecticut businesses moving out of state and the desire for yet more casinos being built here to solve all of our economic problems.  We will hear how higher taxes will solve all of the states problems.  We will hear lies and rhetoric the two areas the Connecticut Democrat Party excel at.  Any Democrat who is running for re-election or for the first time is running on a failed tax and spend, zero economic growth record.  That is the reality of 2018.  The state media will be excusing the Connecticut Democrat Party every step of the way for their incompetent and incoherent policies that they have shoved down taxpayers throats now for many, many years now.
The Republicans in their too crowded field for Governor will be coming up with plans and policies that may or may not be enacted depending if they gain control of the state House and Senate.  The candidates will be fighting among themselves wasting precious time and monies in their campaigns about their qualifications.  The party will miss a golden opportunity to restore Connecticut to economic vibrancy if they lose in 2018.
Connecticut's economy is lousy.  It is the work of the Connecticut Democrat Party.  They own our economy.  They are more concerned about political nepotism and patronage than anything else.  They look forward to their bloated pensions that were driven up by mileage reimbursements in many cases.  They follow no laws or rules in our state.  They are the cancer that has eaten away Connecticut's economy.  And they deserve to be in power in 2018?  Really?

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