Saturday, November 25, 2017

Connecticut's Economy Is Lousy

Connecticut's economy is lousy according to a recent United States Department of  Commerce report that looked at economic statistics and results from April to June 2017.  The state now ranks 43rd among 50 states for economic growth and is dead last of all New England states.
These statistics along with the next two quarters of results that will come out over the next six months will probably show the same poor statistics along with zero economic growth for 2016.  This will be the foundation that the Connecticut Democrat Party will run on in 2018.
This lack of economic growth, along with one of the highest pension liabilities in the country, along with being one of the highest taxed states in the country, along with short/long term debt and unfunded liabilities of $60 to $80 billion dollars is their platform in the 2018 state election.
Taxpayers and voters can then view if they are better off than they were in 2012, 2014 or 2016 when they head to the polls.
It will be interesting to hear the rhetoric from both sides of the aisle in the upcoming election.  The Democrats will probably maintain that most of the problems here in Connecticut are the result of President Trump and his policies even though he will only have been President for two years at that point.  We will hear all the great things the Connecticut Democrat Party has done for the elite state union and management employees protecting their high levels of taxpayers funded salaries, benefits and pensions.  We will hear about more Connecticut businesses moving out of state and the desire for yet more casinos being built here to solve all of our economic problems.  We will hear how higher taxes will solve all of the states problems.  We will hear lies and rhetoric the two areas the Connecticut Democrat Party excel at.  Any Democrat who is running for re-election or for the first time is running on a failed tax and spend, zero economic growth record.  That is the reality of 2018.  The state media will be excusing the Connecticut Democrat Party every step of the way for their incompetent and incoherent policies that they have shoved down taxpayers throats now for many, many years now.
The Republicans in their too crowded field for Governor will be coming up with plans and policies that may or may not be enacted depending if they gain control of the state House and Senate.  The candidates will be fighting among themselves wasting precious time and monies in their campaigns about their qualifications.  The party will miss a golden opportunity to restore Connecticut to economic vibrancy if they lose in 2018.
Connecticut's economy is lousy.  It is the work of the Connecticut Democrat Party.  They own our economy.  They are more concerned about political nepotism and patronage than anything else.  They look forward to their bloated pensions that were driven up by mileage reimbursements in many cases.  They follow no laws or rules in our state.  They are the cancer that has eaten away Connecticut's economy.  And they deserve to be in power in 2018?  Really?

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Why Democrat Dan Malloy has never been trusted. Connecticut's new budget crisis.

Dan Malloy Connecticut's lame duck Governor can not be trusted.  He should be viewed as a Dictator not a Governor.  In my opinion he has never been trusted since he has been elected.  He has an obsession in cutting and destroying fiscally conservative and financially well run Republican led towns in order to preserve both union and non union management benefits, salaries and pensions.  He has decided not to follow what was voted upon in the budget that was just passed in which he was required to find cuts to state overtime and to consolidated bloated government administrative functions.  Thus instead he cuts now $91 million dollars to aid that Connecticut's municipalities were counting on after their budgets have been passed and enacted.  This comes after the first series of cuts to their aid.
To explain this example as far as it pertains to Wallingford, the town now loses $1.8 million dollars in funding that they have budgeted for in the current fiscal year that is five months old.  Thus where does Wallingford find this money?  It only has three choices.  First it can somehow cut this money from the current budget.  This is difficult to do since we are already five months into the budget.  Second it can raise taxes however this can not occur until the next fiscal year.  Lastly it can raid its rainy day fund to cover this cut.  In this past local election the rainy day fund and budget surpluses were an issue by the Democrats (along with Charter Revision).  The Democrats claim and have claimed in the past that Wallingford has too high of a rainy day fund.  Is it too high now?  Since the Democrat Governor has decided to make an example of Wallingford because it is run efficiently and with fiscal conservatism by cutting $1.8 million dollars?
Dan Malloy now gets what he wanted all along with his economically irrational budgets he has proposed, the massive shift of costs of state mandated programs, services and teacher pensions to cities and towns from the state.  Connecticut budget in theory then becomes only a tool to manage for a select few union and non union management employees benefits, salaries and pensions.  It also must keep paying interest on its massive amount of bonding debt along with its unfunded short and long term liabilities.  We again see clearly the economic non sustainability of our state government since its only mission is to protect the politically connected state work force.
The Connecticut Democrat Party and its Governor can only be viewed as an economic cancer to the state.  Year in and year out Connecticut voters have heard the promises that become lies from them.  This budget is no different than all of the other Malloy budgets, higher taxes, higher spending on union and non union management employee benefits, salaries and pensions.   Dan Malloy can never be trusted, he is not a leader.  He can not be propped up any more.  He really should resign and be done with it.
Why Connecticut voters decided to trust Democrats this past local election defies logic.  However I am confident that voter remorse will set in very quickly in January.  Especially when they get their new property tax bills in 2018.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

There was an election last Tuesday

There was an election last Tuesday.  Locally here in Connecticut depending upon how you viewed the results there were some winners and losers.  Overall approximately 31% of all registered voters in the state actually participated in our democracy by voting.  69% did not vote and many of these non voters end up being the biggest complainers in our state on how it is run. The Connecticut Democrat Party was claiming the local results were a referendum on President Trump who seems to be despised by most Democrats, liberals and RINO's throughout our country.  Many voters who voted for President Trump still support him contrary to what we see in the media driven daily assault of the President that never ends.  Several towns swapped their Mayor/Selectmen/Council majorities from Republican to Democrat, most notably Groton and Southington.  There were several towns that swapped their Mayor/Selectmen/Council majorities from Democrat to Republican, most notably Derby, Killingly and finally a Republican was voted on the New London City Council after many years of one party rule.
To me the results are interesting as on a state level the Connecticut Democrat Party has run the state into massive economic debt and helped make Connecticut one of the highest taxed states in the country and one of the last states in the country in economic development and growth.  Governor Malloy is the second least liked Governor in the country.  This is the record they are running on in 2018.  Therefore it is tough for me to accept on a local level how they will lead any differently than they do on a state level.  How many towns and cities will switch back from Democrat to Republican in 2019?  I will venture to say several as many voters may express remorse for voting Democrat this year. 
Here in Wallingford the results were predictable.  Mayor Dickinson was reelected and the Republicans keep a 6 to 3 majority on the Town Council.  The Charter Revision question passed by a large majority.  The town seems to be happy in the way it is managed.
Politics to me is always local.  On a state level the Connecticut Democrat Party has been a huge failure.  Conservative Republicans do exist in some parts of our state but the bulk of the excessive liberalism that governs us has rotted the core foundations of our state for years now.  Now it apparently is acceptable on a local level.
Maybe we can take back our state to what it once was.   An economically dynamic community that
was governed rationally and conservatively.  2018 elections will be telling.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Wallingford's Vote On November 7th

Wallingford's strength is found in many, many ways.  Low taxes, low electric rates, AAA bond ratings, a superior school system, a safe community to live and prosper in, an ethical and 
non-egotistical Mayor, a dynamic Town Council and Board of Education that govern effectively, a Charter Revision Committee that updated and strengthened our Town Charter and an amazing variety of businesses and companies that call Wallingford home.
It is an exceptionally well-run town being led by Republicans.  Republicans who want to see the town grow and prosper.  Republicans who are concerned about families, taxes and their physical community.  To many others and me it shows by how dynamic Wallingford is in 2017. 
They deserve your vote on Tuesday November 7th.  Also please vote yes on the Charter Revision question.  These votes will keep Wallingford moving forward and growing for the future. 

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Vote Yes For Wallingford Charter Revision On November 7th

I was a member of the Wallingford Charter Revision Commission.  I was proud to be part of this bi-partisan commission that was appointed to bring up to date this legal document of Wallingford.  Although we may have disagreed on some points the debate among the commissioners was always civil and respectful of each other and was non political in nature.  In 114 motions made by the Commission, the Commission was in unanimous agreement on 107 of the 114 motions.  This is 94% of the time we were in agreement.  The Commission made this Charter up to date and went through it line by line, page by page in an attempt to remove outdated, repetitive language, unnecessary language, created gender neutral language and in my opinion improved personnel policies.  It was a complete and exhaustive process of updating our Town Charter.  I read the Charter numerous times and gave serious thought to the letters, suggestions and comments from the public, town officials and legal department in regards to the suggested changes made.  I feel that the entire Commission gave deliberate, honest, and earnest thought to what was presented and completed the task to the best of our abilities.
We offer to the voting public an opportunity to keep Wallingford moving forward with this revised and up to date Charter document.
Please Vote Yes for Charter Revision.