Saturday, September 02, 2017

September 2 and No New Connecticut Budget

Again we have no new Connecticut budget.  Nothing new.  It is now September 2 and there is no new Connecticut budget.  64 days into the new fiscal year and there is still no new Connecticut budget.  Can you believe 64 days of total inaction and a lack of leadership by the Connecticut Democrat Party in preparing a mandated fiscal year budget?  In private industry you would be fired.  In Hartford you are rewarded in their political spoils system.  Now we know however there were several Republican budget proposals that the Democrats would not allow to reach the House or Senate floor for a vote.  No the Connecticut Democrat Party in their supposed bipartisanship does not allow for opposing views to be presented by the Connecticut Republican Party even though they represent 47% of Connecticut's legal citizens.  Obviously bipartisanship means with regards to budget discussions are only what the Connecticut Democrat Party will allow to be spoken through new and higher taxes.  Governor Malloy now is at war with the bulk of the state's cities and towns wanting to rob cash from fiscally conservative and responsible towns to give to the socialist and fiscally incompetent cities such as Bridgeport, Hartford, and New Haven.  He now states that cities and towns have been given too much over the years even though the state mandates draconian and fiscally irresponsible programs such binding arbitration that can not be paid for by these sames cities and towns.  To me there is such great irony and hypocrisy in the Governors remarks.
There is now talk in much higher state income taxes for those who are "rich" and for those who are middle class.  These income taxes I am sure will be retroactive to January 1 to extract more cash out of Connecticut "rich" citizens.  This higher income tax along with much higher sales taxes and a city sales tax will further the economic erosion of our once great state.
When will it all end?
These new taxes will not do anything to resolve the constant state budget deficits.
Again I will restate that lies are the rule in Hartford as our Democrat elected officials believe their constant lies of higher taxes and more spending will solve all of Connecticut's economic problems.  There is no accountability nor repercussions for the Connecticut Democrat Party and their dishonesty and myths about higher taxes.  Connecticut Taxpayers really deserve better.  This budget fiasco shows once again that the Connecticut Democrat Party is the true economic cancer of the state.

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The state of Connecticut is broke. This is despite its status as America’s wealthiest and most educated state. Our government is the least popular in the country for good reason: it repeatedly hiked taxes and wasted so much money that we’re unprepared for the next recession. The Dan Malloy Democrats let the government unions pillage the state. The have run out of money in Hartford; now they are coming to loot New Canaan by transferring their liabilities to us. More: