Saturday, September 30, 2017

Connecticut Is The No Budget State

It is too bad that Connecticut does not have a coherent new budget that cuts spending and does not raise taxes.  The Republican budget proposal offered no new or increased taxes and it also cut spending.  This type of budget was not acceptable to Governor Malloy or to most of the tried and true liberal tax and spend union endorsed Democrat legislators that have helped to drive Connecticut into economic ruin.  The Republican budget which was passed by both the House and Senate was vetoed by Governor Malloy who then felt a need to take to the road to condemn the Republican budget and somehow try to gain support for higher taxes to once again solve all of Connecticut's economic woes.  His road show was comical at best as many Connecticut Taxpayers see through his lies and deceptions of his failed economic policies of massive tax hikes along with massive increases in spending.
Malloy's veto represents his Administration's views of he is right and everyone else is wrong.  Only Dan Malloy and his Connecticut Democrat Party policies and points of view are correct.  There is no room nor has there ever been compromise in Hartford.  It is only the failed Malloy way or no way at all as is seen with this inept budget crisis continuing to this day.
What was wrong with signing the Republican passed budget?  For one thing it asked for cuts in state spending.  Connecticut Taxpayers realize that Dan Malloy and his Connecticut Democrat Party along with state labor unions reject any attempt for fiscal conservatism.  After all how do you buy votes in 2018 if you can not promise highly paid state jobs to those who deliver them?  Why should there be any shared sacrifice in dealing with the Connecticut debt problem? 
So we still do not have a budget.  Negotiations seem to be going nowhere and with good reason.  There is a passed realistic Republican budget that cuts spending and does not raise taxes.  It should have been signed by Governor Malloy and been given a chance to succeed.  The two largest tax increases in the states history have done nothing to either balance the budget nor pay down Connecticut's excessive long term debt. 
Why couldn't something new been tried to help the state?  I know why.  Connecticut Taxpayers have no say in our government as we only work for the Democrat dictatorship that has entrapped our state for too many years now.
It is time to take back Connecticut in 2018.

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