Saturday, September 30, 2017

Connecticut Is The No Budget State

It is too bad that Connecticut does not have a coherent new budget that cuts spending and does not raise taxes.  The Republican budget proposal offered no new or increased taxes and it also cut spending.  This type of budget was not acceptable to Governor Malloy or to most of the tried and true liberal tax and spend union endorsed Democrat legislators that have helped to drive Connecticut into economic ruin.  The Republican budget which was passed by both the House and Senate was vetoed by Governor Malloy who then felt a need to take to the road to condemn the Republican budget and somehow try to gain support for higher taxes to once again solve all of Connecticut's economic woes.  His road show was comical at best as many Connecticut Taxpayers see through his lies and deceptions of his failed economic policies of massive tax hikes along with massive increases in spending.
Malloy's veto represents his Administration's views of he is right and everyone else is wrong.  Only Dan Malloy and his Connecticut Democrat Party policies and points of view are correct.  There is no room nor has there ever been compromise in Hartford.  It is only the failed Malloy way or no way at all as is seen with this inept budget crisis continuing to this day.
What was wrong with signing the Republican passed budget?  For one thing it asked for cuts in state spending.  Connecticut Taxpayers realize that Dan Malloy and his Connecticut Democrat Party along with state labor unions reject any attempt for fiscal conservatism.  After all how do you buy votes in 2018 if you can not promise highly paid state jobs to those who deliver them?  Why should there be any shared sacrifice in dealing with the Connecticut debt problem? 
So we still do not have a budget.  Negotiations seem to be going nowhere and with good reason.  There is a passed realistic Republican budget that cuts spending and does not raise taxes.  It should have been signed by Governor Malloy and been given a chance to succeed.  The two largest tax increases in the states history have done nothing to either balance the budget nor pay down Connecticut's excessive long term debt. 
Why couldn't something new been tried to help the state?  I know why.  Connecticut Taxpayers have no say in our government as we only work for the Democrat dictatorship that has entrapped our state for too many years now.
It is time to take back Connecticut in 2018.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Governor Malloy-Sign The Republican Budget

I do not think the Connecticut Democrat Party understood what happened to them when there was defections in their ranks and some moderate Democrats decided to vote for a Republican sponsored economically feasible no tax increase budget.  Do they realize that their economic lies and excessive taxation has now actually grown stale with their own party members?  Does the Connecticut Democrat Party now realize that the last seven years of the Malloy Administration has been a complete economic failure of excessive taxation and excessive short and long term debt?  Has the Connecticut Democrat Party seen the amount of houses and condos for sale in our state?  Has the Connecticut Democrat Party seen the amount of businesses that have moved out of our state in the past seven years?  Does the Connecticut Democrat Party have any plan to pay off Connecticut's short and long term debt of $60 to $80 billion dollars?
There are no answers to these questions by the Connecticut Democrat Party.
Thus several of their members have decided to move away from their tax and spend policies and try something different.  A Republican budget that actually cuts spending and does not raise taxes.  A budget that looks at the excessive costs of mid and upper level management positions in all areas of state government including higher education. And the responses have been the usual bureaucratic outcries of how all of these cuts will decimate their programs.  Have all of the higher taxes and higher spending for these same programs in the past seven years done anything to make Connecticut economically attractive and viable?  Or has all of this excessive taxing and spending brought Connecticut to its knees economically?
Governor Malloy needed to sign that budget immediately.  Of course he didn't and we will see in a few days his massive spending cuts take place for our cities and towns on October 1.  We will see his politically charged and induced form of punishment of well managed and economically efficient towns and cities losing aid for state mandated programs take hold while Connecticut's corrupted and poorly run cities gloat in their windfalls of yet even more state aid.
Leadership in Hartford has not been seen for many years now.  This budget allows Connecticut the beginnings of a new prosperity and towards economic growth.  It gives the remaining legal Connecticut residents and taxpayers a slim glimmer of economic hope for the future of the state.
But will Governor Malloy and the Connecticut Democrat Party admit their lies and move this budget to become law?  I highly doubt it.  The Connecticut Democrat Party is and always will be the economic cancer that has destroyed Connecticut.  Enough is enough.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The New Connecticut Republican Budget. Governor Malloy Sign The Budget.

Yes there is a new Connecticut budget.  Several Democrats are upset that several Democrats decided to ask in a coherent fashion and vote for a Republican proposed budget that cuts spending and does not increase taxes like the stale Democrat budget proposal did.
Yes it is shocking that several Democrat Senators and Representatives decided to try a new budget that cuts spending and does not increase taxes as does the Democrat proposal offers.  However we now see that Democrat Governor Malloy is having a fit to see that the Democrat Party has basically ceded power to the Republicans in the House and Senate and he has stated that he will veto any Republican budget passed.
That is funny to me.
It is funny to see Governor Malloy who in my economic opinion has been an abysmal failure as a Governor will still veto a budget that contain no taxes increases and he will pursue his failed economic policies of higher spending and higher taxes to placate his chosen political cronies he embraces until this day.  But isn't today a day of reckoning?  A day that many of us would never have seen coming?  A day where several moderate Democrat Senate and House members decided to try something different and embrace Republican economic policies that might bring Connecticut back from its economic nightmare that it has been living through for too many years now?  That day was September 16th.  A day when Connecticut started its path bath to economic and fiscal sanity.
Governor Malloy sign the budget.  Give it a chance for a change.  Do not veto the budget.
Governor Malloy sign the budget.
Governor Malloy sign the budget.
Governor Malloy sign the budget.
Change needs to happen today for Connecticut's future.
It Is Time To Take Back Connecticut In 2018.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

September 9 and No New Connecticut Budget

Again we have no new Connecticut budget.  Nothing new.  It is now September 9 and there is no new Connecticut budget.  71 days into the new fiscal year and there is still no new Connecticut budget. However we are witnessing the unmitigated gall of the Governor and the Omnipotent One Party Rule of the Connecticut Democrat Party in now developing the third highest tax increase in the states history with their new budget proposal coming after the two highest tax increases in the states history.  Those two highest tax increases were supposed to stabilize the states finances.
This new proposal again with zero input from the Connecticut Republican legislators who represent over 47% of Connecticut voters and taxpayers will be shoved down our throats in the coming days.  The tax increases are severe.  There is an increase in hospital taxes. There are increases in the state sales tax, an elimination of tax free week in August, the property tax credit on the state income tax would be reduced to $100 and be limited to senior citizens or those with dependents, a new 7% restaurant sales tax and an increase the conveyance tax on real estate sales.  Municipal aid to towns and cities to help pay for mandated teachers pensions will be cut thus creating higher property taxes for local property tax taxpayers.
Thus Governor Malloy has lied once again to Connecticut Taxpayers.  He will raise taxes yet again.  Connecticut still does not have a balanced budget.  The Connecticut Democrat Party has once again lied to Connecticut Taxpayers and will raise both taxes and spending.
There has been no real cuts in spending in the upcoming out-of-balance fiscal 2017-18 state budget.  There will be again budget deficits in six to nine months as more businesses and personal taxpayers move out of state.  There will be no mention of any plan to pay off Connecticut's $60 to $80 Billion dollars worth of short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities.  There is no discussion of the constitutionally mandated state spending cap that was ruled illegal by the Democrat Attorney General.
Connecticut voters and taxpayers need to recognize the fact the Governor and the Connecticut Democrat Party can not govern in any way, shape or form.  They can only legislate for themselves, their state unions and their political friends.  They despise Connecticut Taxpayers and Connecticut businesses.  The Governor and the Connecticut Democrat Party are useless in resolving our states economic problems.
A solution to our economic issues in Connecticut would be a general Taxpayers strike.  Connecticut Taxpayers would stop paying their state taxes thus it would strip our state government from its funds to enrich its political ruling class and truly force real budgetary negotiations along with real structural changes to take place in Hartford.  Alas I can only dream of a non corrupted state government in Hartford.
More of the same tax and spend lies will be spewed this week as Connecticut Taxpayers lose once again with still even higher taxes to try to manage.  All while Dan Malloy and the Connecticut Democrat Party lie and laugh at Connecticut.
It is horrific.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

September 2 and No New Connecticut Budget

Again we have no new Connecticut budget.  Nothing new.  It is now September 2 and there is no new Connecticut budget.  64 days into the new fiscal year and there is still no new Connecticut budget.  Can you believe 64 days of total inaction and a lack of leadership by the Connecticut Democrat Party in preparing a mandated fiscal year budget?  In private industry you would be fired.  In Hartford you are rewarded in their political spoils system.  Now we know however there were several Republican budget proposals that the Democrats would not allow to reach the House or Senate floor for a vote.  No the Connecticut Democrat Party in their supposed bipartisanship does not allow for opposing views to be presented by the Connecticut Republican Party even though they represent 47% of Connecticut's legal citizens.  Obviously bipartisanship means with regards to budget discussions are only what the Connecticut Democrat Party will allow to be spoken through new and higher taxes.  Governor Malloy now is at war with the bulk of the state's cities and towns wanting to rob cash from fiscally conservative and responsible towns to give to the socialist and fiscally incompetent cities such as Bridgeport, Hartford, and New Haven.  He now states that cities and towns have been given too much over the years even though the state mandates draconian and fiscally irresponsible programs such binding arbitration that can not be paid for by these sames cities and towns.  To me there is such great irony and hypocrisy in the Governors remarks.
There is now talk in much higher state income taxes for those who are "rich" and for those who are middle class.  These income taxes I am sure will be retroactive to January 1 to extract more cash out of Connecticut "rich" citizens.  This higher income tax along with much higher sales taxes and a city sales tax will further the economic erosion of our once great state.
When will it all end?
These new taxes will not do anything to resolve the constant state budget deficits.
Again I will restate that lies are the rule in Hartford as our Democrat elected officials believe their constant lies of higher taxes and more spending will solve all of Connecticut's economic problems.  There is no accountability nor repercussions for the Connecticut Democrat Party and their dishonesty and myths about higher taxes.  Connecticut Taxpayers really deserve better.  This budget fiasco shows once again that the Connecticut Democrat Party is the true economic cancer of the state.