Saturday, August 26, 2017

August 26 and No New Connecticut Budget

Again we have no new Connecticut budget.  But we know now that the Democrat Party has proposed guess what in their new budget.  New and higher taxes and fees represent their over eleven months of supposed work and supposed negotiations (little with the Republicans) on the new budget.  For this accomplishment they are offering Connecticut Taxpayers much higher sales taxes expanded to many previously non taxed items, a one percent city tax on restaurant food and other entertainment areas, much higher fees at the incompetent and inefficient Department of Motor Vehicles, a sales tax on any music you download and the usual higher cigarette taxes.  This package took the Connecticut Democrats about a year to develop.  There was no mention still besides the horrific non concession union concession plan (that was negotiated behind close doors) of reform in state management, union and non union salaries, benefits and pensions.  For those who are trying to comprehend the state union concession package it in my economic opinion offers no savings whatsoever to help this budget crisis since there can be no layoffs nor any reform to the current and future levels of pensions.
I would like to remind Connecticut Taxpayers that we just had the two highest tax increases in the states history compliments of the Connecticut Democrat Party.  These two highest tax increases in the states history were supposed to resolve Connecticut's deficit problems.  The Connecticut Democrat Party has lied once again to Connecticut Taxpayers as we see with this new budget.  
Connecticut still has an increasing short and long debt along with unfunded liabilities of $60 to $80 billion dollars.  As a reminder to Dan Malloy when he ran for reelection he stated that there was no budget deficit.  As a reminder to 85th District State Representative Mary Mushinsky she stated in the last election that the budget was balanced.   What happened?  How come all the highest taxes that the Connecticut Democrat Party slammed upon the state did not balance our bloated budget?  Why do we have an increasing short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities that will not be stabilized at any time in the near future with all of these tax increases?  Why wasn't any of the Republican budget proposals brought up for a straight up or down vote on either the House or Senate floor?
Accountability really can not be seen in our Governor nor in our Democrat controlled State Legislature.  Lies are the rule in Hartford as our Democrat elected officials believe their constant lies of higher taxes and more spending will solve all of Connecticut's economic problems.  There is no accountability nor repercussions for the Connecticut Democrat Party and their dishonesty and myths about higher taxes.  
Connecticut Taxpayers really deserve better.  This budget fiasco shows once again that the Connecticut Democrat Party is the true economic cancer of the state.


Saturday, August 19, 2017

August 19 and No New Connecticut Budget

  Again we have no new Connecticut budget.  But we know now that Governor Malloy has come to the rescue of his Democrat Party voting blocks in the big cities by taking money away and or eliminating the Education Costs Sharing Grant from 85 cities and towns and giving it to poorer cities and towns in the state.  This grant is money that the state gives to all cities and towns in the state to help pay for some of the mandated state educational programs.  For example Wallingford would lose $19 million dollars in this funding which would have to be made up by raising property taxes almost immediately.  This is due to no new Connecticut budget.
At the same time Republicans for voicing their vehement opposition to Malloy’s plan and by the possible budget proposal by House Speaker Aresimowicz that includes higher sales taxes along with less exemptions and a new city sales tax are being condemned by Connecticut Democrats.   Republicans will not agree to any new tax increases.  One must remember that Connecticut Democrats slammed residents in the past six years the two highest tax increases in the states history that was to supposed to solve all of Connecticut’s economic woes.  It did not and now we are once again at a breaking point with a $5 billion dollar budget deficit along with $60 to $80 billion dollars worth of short and long-term debt and unfunded liabilities. 
Republican budget proposals have been completely ignored by Omnipotent Connecticut Democrat Party this session.  Republicans have been shut out of the budget process for six years now.  And the Connecticut Democrat Party has the audacity to vilify the Republicans? 
The Connecticut Democrat Party obviously has no respect for the Connecticut Taxpayer.  They believe their failed economic policies by choosing winners and losers in our state economy via taxpayer funded corporate welfare payments, along with constant new and higher taxes coupled with an economic love affair of state labor unions doing anything they want and given anything they want will somehow lead Connecticut out of its economic morass.  Do they think Connecticut Taxpayers are that stupid to believe this garbage?
One day Connecticut will have a new budget.  It will be more of the same, higher and new taxes, more spending for state labor unions and more political nepotism.  The Connecticut Democrat Party will be congratulating each other for their latest con job they pulled over the Connecticut Taxpayer.  They will reward themselves with more spoils from their conquests of the Connecticut Taxpayer.
It is sickening to say the least.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

August 12 and No New Connecticut Budget

Again we have no new Connecticut budget.  Again we have no new information on any new budget.  Again we have no news on what new taxes will be enacted and or increased.  Again we have no new information as to how the rest of the $5 billion dollar budget deficit will be resolved.  Again we have no information as to any plan to address Connecticut's $60 to $80 billion dollars worth of short and long term debt and unfunded liabilities.  Again we have a sickening lack of leadership from our state government to resolve our economic issues here in Connecticut.
Is this a tipping point for the voters and taxpayers of Connecticut?  Is this lack of budget and leadership actually going to trigger a wholesale change in our state government with a Republican controlled legislature and a new Republican Governor in 2018?  Is this lack of budget a spigot to open up many Democrat legislators to resign and or retire during the coming year?  And then will these same legislators be rewarded with some sort of highly paid do nothing taxpayer funded state job as their reward for their economically incoherent and poorly managed terms in office?
Connecticut has had a serious lack of leadership for many years now.  It is evident that years of Omnipotent Connecticut Democrat Party One Party Rule has damaged the economic core of the state to a point of no return. High taxes, a mass population movement out of the state, a lack of new jobs, and a government only responsive to the needs of its union members and non union management employees for life is owned by the Democrat Party.   They are the economic cancer of Connecticut.
Again we have no new Connecticut budget.
Again we have no leadership in Hartford.
Again more Connecticut residents will be packing their belongings and moving out of state.
Again no economic solutions.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

August 5 and No New Connecticut Budget

Not much new here in Connecticut.  A new concession package did little to resolve any of the current issues of salaries, benefits and pensions as the agreement locks in the current excessive union salary, benefits and pensions spoils system until 2027.  I do not understand the point of this secretly negotiated concessions package as it did little to resolve the issues in salaries, benefits and pensions.  All it did was to kick the problem down the road ten years from now or sooner if Connecticut becomes bankrupt.
The budget still has a  $3 billion dollar deficit that the Connecticut Democrat Party wants to resolve with much higher sales taxes and new city sales taxes since they are going to cut municipal aid for state mandated programs, services and teachers pensions.  You will also see massive property tax increases for most cities and towns since these state cuts for mandated programs, services and teachers pensions have to be replaced.  The new city sales tax will be yet another cumbersome tax that remaining state businesses that are impacted by will have to deal with.
And we still do not have a budget.
The entire budgetary process has been a comical display of the Omnipotent Connecticut Democrat Party protecting their spoils and patronage system.  And they have said to the remaining Connecticut Taxpayers that no reforms will be forthcoming for at least ten more years and pay more taxes to support us.
I am personally sick of the Connecticut Democrat Party and its political patronage and spoils system.
I also believe that most of the remaining Connecticut Taxpayers are also sick of the Connecticut Democrat Party and its political patronage and spoils system.
I am also believe that Connecticut is on the path of fiscal insolvency and unlimited short and long term debt.
I also believe that we need to start all over again in creating a new state government and state constitution since our current government disregards the rule of law.
Enough is enough.  The Connecticut Democrat Party and its political patronage and spoils system has ruined Connecticut.