Saturday, July 15, 2017

July 15, 2017 and No Connecticut Budget

It is now July 15, 2017 and there is no new Connecticut budget.  Nor does it look like there will be one until possibly at the end of the month.  Nor does it seem that our elected officials really care if there is a budget until that time.  The new norm for governing in Connecticut is to do nothing.  Who really cares if the state has $80 to $100 billion dollars of short and long term debt and unfunded liabilities.  Who really cares if the bulk of the state budget now goes for payment of salaries, benefits and pensions for state management and union workers?  I estimate now 25% of the state budget goes for these payments.  Another 10% to 15% goes to debt payments.  And there is still massive debt in the horizon.
We as Connecticut Taxpayers understand we are entrapped by our state government in order to provide for the riches that are heaped upon those who have political connections.  For example why do state retirees get lifetime medical benefits?  Do you receive this in private industry?  Now don't get me wrong I know the Connecticut Democrat Party does not think they have done anything wrong with all of the years of their fiscal mismanagement and political nepotism.  It has been and looks like it will continue to be pay to play the political game even though Connecticut is bankrupt from the years of fiscally irresponsible spending and excessive salaries, benefits and pensions.  In following what our Governor and state legislators have been doing (or not doing) in this session, I wonder why they are even being paid for this debacle?  If this happened in private industry individuals would be fired not political rewarded with high paying positions like Former State Representative Stephen Dargan, D-West Haven with his $92,500 new job in the State Board of Pardons, former State Senator Rob Kane, R-Waterford with his new job as a Republican state auditor for $150,000 a year and former State Senator Eric Coleman, D-Bloomfield becoming a Judge for a mere $168,000 a year.  All funded by you and I Connecticut taxpayers.
Harsh economic decisions are made daily for economic survival by Taxpayers and Businesses that remain here in Connecticut.  Those same harsh economic decisions are avoided by the political elite who have run Connecticut into the ground. And all we hear out of Hartford is garbage and rhetoric.
Next Saturday will be July 22 and there will be no new Connecticut budget. And nobody really cares about it in Hartford any more anyways especially our elected officials.

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