Saturday, April 29, 2017

New Budget. No New Or Higher Taxes

Connecticut's Legislature has a decision to make in this years budget.  They need to cut spending drastically.  They need to cut wages, benefits and pensions for both union and management workers.  They need to address the issues of $60 to $80 billion dollars of long term debt.  They need to understand why Connecticut ranks near last in too many economic and business well being categories.  They need to stop protecting and nurturing a ruling elite political hierarchy that has done little other than pad their own economic pockets at the expense of Connecticut Taxpayers. They need to become realistic about the amount of nepotism and corruption that is deemed a normal way of doing business in our state government.
The Republicans offered their own budget plan this week.  It was a refreshing breath of economic fresh air that was immediately condemned by State Democrat Legislators but not by lame duck Governor Dan Malloy.  The Republican plan was far reaching as it offered no new or higher taxes in the budget.  It still wants $1.5 billion in concessions from the state employee labor unions.  It eliminates grants for public financing of campaigns under the failed Citizens Election program. 
It streamlines many bloated state agencies eliminating many positions that have done little for our state.  It provides for a much more coherent, effective and smaller state government to actually bring back the state from its economic decline.
In my economic opinion it is a long overdue budget presented by the Republicans and needs to be addressed immediately.  The Connecticut Democrat Party has for too many years disrespected Connecticut Taxpayers.  Their tax and spend policies have driven Connecticut to near economic ruin.  For the economic turmoil they have created over the past 30 years the Connecticut Democrat Party should and will become a minority party in the 2018 elections.
Connecticut Taxpayers should bombard their legislators especially if they are represented by a Democrat and voice their support for this Republican budget proposal.  Let us finally address our states economic crisis and resolve it once and for all.
It Is Time To Take Back Connecticut in 2018.

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