Saturday, April 15, 2017

Good Riddance Governor Dan Malloy. Too bad you don't resign now.

Good riddance Dan Malloy.  He is not running for a third term as Governor of Connecticut.  But now we have 20 more long hard months of a lame duck do nothing Governor.  However, Malloy can still do a great deal of damage for the state over the next 20 months.  He can still raise taxes.  He can still impose draconian socialist laws.  He can still fund raise and shake down the remaining Connecticut businesses to donate to Connecticut's Socialist Democrat Party and their omnipotent one party rule.  He can still condemn the Connecticut Republican Party for not doing anything on the state budget even though they are not allowed be part of the state budget negotiations.  He can still harbor, nurture and give state benefits to the large Connecticut illegal immigration population.  He can get his political cronies into state jobs that pay high salaries, benefits and pensions with little oversight and or productivity expected.  He can spread false job creation reports.  He can still claim how great of a job he has done with the states economy even though Connecticut is last or near last in most economic categories in the country.  He can still blame former Governors for the economic mess he inherited even though he implemented the two largest tax increases in the states history.  He can still move money off budget to claim a balanced budget while also stating (as he did when he ran for reelection) there was and is no budget deficit.  He can still travel around the country as head of the Governors Association and condemn any and all Republican states, ideas, policies and most importantly fiscal conservatism at all times. 
And above all he can receive a massive Connecticut Taxpayers funded pension for the eight year mess he created for Connecticut while comfortably living in a low taxed tax in the future that does not have a state income tax. I am confident that this will be Governor Malloy's agenda for the next long and economically hard 20 months he will still be our socialist Governor.
Governor Malloy in my opinion is what is wrong with our political system in 2017.  He represents why President Trump is our President today.  Malloy is a political hack who did little for the city of Stamford as Mayor and has run Connecticut into a morass of economic lies, deceptions, high taxes and excessive debt.  He has basically ruined Connecticut.
Malloy has been a socialist Governor.  He is disliked and seems to hold a great deal of contempt for Connecticut Taxpayers.  His high tax and spend programs that have enriched his political contributors and friends have failed Connecticut miserably. 
Connecticut needs a much a better government in all departments.  Connecticut needs a checks and balances system to govern.  Connecticut needs much more honest and ethical people to both work in state agencies and to actually represent Connecticut Taxpayers.  In 2017 with the exception of a handful of Republican legislators such State Senators Len Suzio and Joe Markley our State House and State Senate needs a complete overhaul. 
The great socialistic experiment called Connecticut is an abysmal failure.  Let us hope that both economic and personal freedom can be restored sometime in the near future.
Good riddance Dan Malloy.  And good riddance to the Connecticut Democrat Party in 2018 as it is and will be finally time to take back Connecticut in 2018.  I hope it is not too late.

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