Sunday, January 01, 2017

Connecticut's Economy 2017

Happy New Year.
It is now 2017.  A great deal has changed in Connecticut in the past year.  The Connecticut Democrat Party lost a great deal of seats in the State House and Senate in this past election.  The Senate is now evenly divided 18-18 however the Democrat Lieutenant Governor holds the tie breaking vote thus one can view it as a one vote Democrat majority.  In the House the Democrats hold a 79-72 majority however the Democrats have lost 35 seats in the past four elections.  The Democrat majority in my opinion will end in 2018 in all areas of Connecticut's Legislature.
2017 represents another year of economic problems with Connecticut's bloated state budget and government.  The sacred political patronage system is under fire as excessively high salaries, benefits and pensions for both management and union workers are being seen finally as an economic problem in paying for them each year and in the future.  I will remind everyone that Connecticut's short and long term debt is about $60 to $80 billion dollars with absolutely no plan to address it by either side of the political aisle.  We will hear the constant rhetoric of trying to do something but I am confident that nothing will be done and 2018 will start off will another $1 to $2 billion dollars budget deficit like the $1.5 billion dollar deficit we have today in 2017.  What is the plan to address the deficit?  Yet more and higher taxes?  To drive more businesses out of state?  Why are management pension so high?  Why do 25% of those receiving a state pension contribute nothing-zero to their pensions?  Why is the State Legislature so generous with Connecticut's remaining taxpayers monies to give it away like this?  And then tell Veterans that they no longer can have a military presence at their funerals?
This is the true economic problem of Connecticut's government.  It is only worried about protecting those who are hand picked for their highly paid, high benefit and pension, non preforming jobs.  The jobs that they need not be held accountable for in any way shape or form.  It has helped ruin Connecticut economically.
I will continue my quest to educate my readers and voters of Connecticut that we need a change in our state government.  We need to hold all elected and non elected officials accountable for their economic actions.   We need to bombard our Representatives and Senators with phone calls, letters, emails and question why they are making such poor decisions for our state.  It needs to start today.
Debt is cancer for our state.  The disposal and disregard of those most needy in our state is a shameless political act that has grown stale.  Enough is enough.
It Is Time To Take Back Connecticut In 2018.

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