Saturday, December 30, 2017

Connecticut Democrats Failed Liberalism

Connecticut Democrats experiment with liberalism has failed as we near the end of 2017.  As we have seen for the past seven long years of the Malloy Administration Connecticut's Democrat government can do little to help the state.  Connecticut Democrats experiment with liberalism can not protect its citizens especially those who are most vulnerable in our society as evidence by the recent death of Matthew Tirado who was starved to death while the Department of Children and Families did nothing.  The Department of Children and Families spends $800 million dollars a year of taxpayers monies supposedly protecting children in the state.
Connecticut Democrats experiment with liberalism can not redistribute the wealth of the state since many wealthy citizens and businesses have now moved out of state permanently since Connecticut's tax burden is one of the highest in the country.  Connecticut Democrats have raised taxes in the state on a constant basis since the Malloy Administration took office back in 2010.  Three of the largest tax increases in the history have done nothing to balance the budget nor address the economic nightmare of $70 billion dollars of short and long debt along with the state's unfunded liabilities.  What is the plan to pay back this debt?  Connecticut Democrats experiment with liberalism protects and nurtures a ruling elite class of citizens who comprise the state's union and management work force paying bloated wages, benefits and pensions that can never be cut and or eliminated.  This minority holds economic power over the taxpayer.  Connecticut Democrats experiment with liberalism allows for state union agreements to be secretly negotiated and signed into law without debate.  Connecticut Democrats experiment with liberalism has helped to eliminate many personal freedoms with thousands upon thousands of laws on its books that do little to improve the quality of life in our state.  Connecticut Democrats experiment with liberalism is more worried about illegal immigrants here in the state by creating sanctuary cities rather than its legal taxpaying citizens.
Connecticut Democrats experiment with liberalism has failed badly.  Will 2018 be any different?
Can Connecticut taxpayers survive any more abuse from its liberal government?
It is time to take back Connecticut in 2018.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Connecticut Jobs Crisis Continues

Connecticut according a recent Connecticut Department of Labor report has now lost over 15,300 jobs since June with its unemployment rate going up to 4.6% which is one of the highest rates in the country.   The state has recovered about 70% of the jobs lost during the recession, while Massachusetts has recovered more than 320%.  All of the other New England states have fully recovered at either a 100% or better rate of recovered jobs except for Connecticut.
An economic consequence of Connecticut's excessively high state and local taxes along with a poor infrastructure, high workers compensation costs, uncontrolled unfunded liabilities and exorbitant short and long state debt is that businesses have moved out of the state thus moving jobs out of state.  Many Connecticut Taxpayers have also moved out of state since jobs are difficult to find here and or they lost their job due their employer moving.  One can look at the amount of jobs lost with Aetna, General Electric and Bristol-Myers Squibb for example either moving or closing operations in the state.    Those remaining businesses must adapt to a much higher cost of doing business and will cut jobs to stay afloat.  A contributing factor to this economic debacle is that our state government has become a dysfunctional mess since it seems that their only concern has developed into protecting state union and management jobs and their limitless high salaries, benefits and pensions.  Private industry again to survive must cut their jobs, salaries, benefits and pensions while state government is not bothered by it but will increase its political patronage jobs at all costs.  Connecticut's state government is layer upon layer of bureaucracy with one department or agency having different guidelines/laws and rules than the other governing the same issue or topic.  Connecticut's state government moves at its own pace with no respect to a reasonable time frame to accomplish anything nor any repercussions if a project or crisis is not finished or addressed in a timely manner.  Just look at our failed road system while we have a busway to nowhere with no riders or DCF.  Connecticut's inflated state union and management jobs and their high salaries, benefits and pensions continue to be the reason for Connecticut's economic debt and jobs crisis.  Our state government response this past year to the budget crisis was to further enhance Connecticut's state unions with a sweetheart deal that extends their recrementitious spoils for yet another ten years at the taxpayers expense.
There are few jobs in Connecticut at this time that pay a high enough salary to maintain living here and paying for Connecticut's high cost of living.  Connecticut has a continuing jobs crisis.  Connecticut is leaderless because its state union and management employees tell Connecticut taxpayers what they can and can not do.  Connecticut state union and management employees are in charge of our state. 
The election of 2018 will be here shortly.  Candidates need to express quickly what their plan is resolve the multiple issues that Connecticut has that include a lack of jobs except for state union and management jobs, excessively high state and local taxes along with a poor infrastructure, high workers compensation costs, uncontrolled unfunded liabilities and exorbitant short and long state debt.  To me they seem only to be concerned with getting Connecticut Taxpayers monies for their matching public financing campaign funds which has done nothing to rectify our spoils system of state elections or make them more fair.
We need some plan to make Connecticut economically viable again.  We need cuts in state union and management jobs and their high salaries, benefits and pensions.  We need real state employee pension reform.  We need real economic reform or Connecticut will be permanently ranked 50 out of 50 states in all business and economic activities in our country.  Doesn't anyone get that?  I doubt it.


Saturday, December 09, 2017

Connecticut's Continuing Financial Crisis

Connecticut still has a continuing financial crisis.  The current budget that was passed has already a large deficit.  Connecticut still has a net migration problem of high income taxpayers who pay a great deal of state income taxes continuing to move out of state.  Connecticut still has barely come out of the last recession as it lingers at the bottom ranks of the United States for high taxes, infrastructure, business creation, business friendliness and job creation.  The two largest Democrat Party tax increases in the states history have done little to either address the budget deficits or balance the states budget for any period of time during the ruthless Malloy Administration but have done an excellent job in forcing both business and taxpayers to move out of Connecticut.  This past week we now hear that the Transportation fund is essentially broke and needs a massive amount of taxpayers monies to stay afloat.  This is after the state spent in excess of $100 million dollars for the busway from New Britain to Hartford that still has to be subsidized daily due to low ridership and high costs.  It is also spending a massive amount of money on a rail project to Springfield.  Unknown to most taxpayers are the totals of the state's short and long term debt along with its unfunded liabilities that are between $60 and $80 billion dollars.  How is that going to be paid? 
Could it possible that the high taxes, laws, rules, regulations, policies and individuals who run and work for our state government have failed miserably and have created our current horrific economic situation for Connecticut?  Could it be that the emphasis of excessively high salaries, benefits and pensions for both state union and management workers as being a sacred right of political patronage has helped to create our current horrific economic situation for Connecticut?  Could it be that no one takes responsibility in Hartford for any economic issues as has been seen with this last state budget?  Could it be that Connecticut has a spending problem along with a crisis in leadership?
It is funny that my liberal friends can not see the economic damage that "taxing the rich" does to a city or state.  Connecticut is a textbook example of how high taxes have helped to destroy an economy.  And in looking at the field of Democrats who are running for Governor in 2018 we can look forward to more of the same economic stagnation and political nepotism that has devastated and shattered the states economy for many years now. 
Rhetoric not solutions are the norm for Connecticut. 2017 is no different than 2011. It has to stop.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Anybody Want To Buy A Used Connecticut Civic Center? Brother Can You Spare Me $134?

For sale:  Connecticut elected officials and bureaucracy.  Start by inquiring about taking off the states hands a run down Hartford Civic Center.  Contact Dan Malloy for details and what you need to offer the Connecticut Democrat Party to buy it at a song.
The song that is constantly sung by lame duck Governor Dan Malloy and the Connecticut Democrat Party is that they are right all of the time and you are wrong.  In this case it is OK for a state that has $60 to $80 billion dollars of unfunded liabilities and short and long term debt to add to that amount by another $40 million dollars of bonding to try to fix the Hartford Civic Center and then try to sell it.
As a Connecticut Taxpayer do you understand that logic?  Hartford is broke.  Thus keep sending its hand picked Mayor who is trying to become the next liberal Governor of Connecticut more cash to prop up its failed leadership and city economy.  After all what is another $40 million dollars of Connecticut Taxpayers monies?  Governor Dan Malloy and the Connecticut Democrat Party see the $40 million dollars as a drop in the bucket to suffice the state's unionized construction unions to work on this new make busy project.  Lame duck Governor Dan Malloy and the Connecticut Democrat Party endorses spending this $40 million dollars while cutting the Medicare Savings Programs that helps 113,000 Connecticut senior citizens with their Medicare premiums.  These cuts to the seniors amount to around $1600 a year or $134 a month in subsidies that they will no longer receive.  Here is a thought instead of giving $40 million dollars to the outdated Civic Center why not continue this program to help these seniors who are hard pressed to survive in Connecticut with our astronomical cost of living?  Why does Dan Malloy love to inflict the most economic pain and suffering on those Connecticut citizens who are the most in need?
This is yet another example of the tyranny of Dan Malloy and the Connecticut Democrat Party.  Hurt those who need the help.  Give to the political elite and politically connected.
Thus $40 million dollars of Connecticut Taxpayers monies are thrown out the window, more waste of our hard earned tax monies.  And 113,000 senior citizens lose $134 a month that they can't afford.  Too bad they are treated like this in our state.  But isn't Connecticut's government run for the benefit of the elite few who pay to play and have the right political connections?  Of course it is.  Don't forget it.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Connecticut's Economy Is Lousy

Connecticut's economy is lousy according to a recent United States Department of  Commerce report that looked at economic statistics and results from April to June 2017.  The state now ranks 43rd among 50 states for economic growth and is dead last of all New England states.
These statistics along with the next two quarters of results that will come out over the next six months will probably show the same poor statistics along with zero economic growth for 2016.  This will be the foundation that the Connecticut Democrat Party will run on in 2018.
This lack of economic growth, along with one of the highest pension liabilities in the country, along with being one of the highest taxed states in the country, along with short/long term debt and unfunded liabilities of $60 to $80 billion dollars is their platform in the 2018 state election.
Taxpayers and voters can then view if they are better off than they were in 2012, 2014 or 2016 when they head to the polls.
It will be interesting to hear the rhetoric from both sides of the aisle in the upcoming election.  The Democrats will probably maintain that most of the problems here in Connecticut are the result of President Trump and his policies even though he will only have been President for two years at that point.  We will hear all the great things the Connecticut Democrat Party has done for the elite state union and management employees protecting their high levels of taxpayers funded salaries, benefits and pensions.  We will hear about more Connecticut businesses moving out of state and the desire for yet more casinos being built here to solve all of our economic problems.  We will hear how higher taxes will solve all of the states problems.  We will hear lies and rhetoric the two areas the Connecticut Democrat Party excel at.  Any Democrat who is running for re-election or for the first time is running on a failed tax and spend, zero economic growth record.  That is the reality of 2018.  The state media will be excusing the Connecticut Democrat Party every step of the way for their incompetent and incoherent policies that they have shoved down taxpayers throats now for many, many years now.
The Republicans in their too crowded field for Governor will be coming up with plans and policies that may or may not be enacted depending if they gain control of the state House and Senate.  The candidates will be fighting among themselves wasting precious time and monies in their campaigns about their qualifications.  The party will miss a golden opportunity to restore Connecticut to economic vibrancy if they lose in 2018.
Connecticut's economy is lousy.  It is the work of the Connecticut Democrat Party.  They own our economy.  They are more concerned about political nepotism and patronage than anything else.  They look forward to their bloated pensions that were driven up by mileage reimbursements in many cases.  They follow no laws or rules in our state.  They are the cancer that has eaten away Connecticut's economy.  And they deserve to be in power in 2018?  Really?

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Why Democrat Dan Malloy has never been trusted. Connecticut's new budget crisis.

Dan Malloy Connecticut's lame duck Governor can not be trusted.  He should be viewed as a Dictator not a Governor.  In my opinion he has never been trusted since he has been elected.  He has an obsession in cutting and destroying fiscally conservative and financially well run Republican led towns in order to preserve both union and non union management benefits, salaries and pensions.  He has decided not to follow what was voted upon in the budget that was just passed in which he was required to find cuts to state overtime and to consolidated bloated government administrative functions.  Thus instead he cuts now $91 million dollars to aid that Connecticut's municipalities were counting on after their budgets have been passed and enacted.  This comes after the first series of cuts to their aid.
To explain this example as far as it pertains to Wallingford, the town now loses $1.8 million dollars in funding that they have budgeted for in the current fiscal year that is five months old.  Thus where does Wallingford find this money?  It only has three choices.  First it can somehow cut this money from the current budget.  This is difficult to do since we are already five months into the budget.  Second it can raise taxes however this can not occur until the next fiscal year.  Lastly it can raid its rainy day fund to cover this cut.  In this past local election the rainy day fund and budget surpluses were an issue by the Democrats (along with Charter Revision).  The Democrats claim and have claimed in the past that Wallingford has too high of a rainy day fund.  Is it too high now?  Since the Democrat Governor has decided to make an example of Wallingford because it is run efficiently and with fiscal conservatism by cutting $1.8 million dollars?
Dan Malloy now gets what he wanted all along with his economically irrational budgets he has proposed, the massive shift of costs of state mandated programs, services and teacher pensions to cities and towns from the state.  Connecticut budget in theory then becomes only a tool to manage for a select few union and non union management employees benefits, salaries and pensions.  It also must keep paying interest on its massive amount of bonding debt along with its unfunded short and long term liabilities.  We again see clearly the economic non sustainability of our state government since its only mission is to protect the politically connected state work force.
The Connecticut Democrat Party and its Governor can only be viewed as an economic cancer to the state.  Year in and year out Connecticut voters have heard the promises that become lies from them.  This budget is no different than all of the other Malloy budgets, higher taxes, higher spending on union and non union management employee benefits, salaries and pensions.   Dan Malloy can never be trusted, he is not a leader.  He can not be propped up any more.  He really should resign and be done with it.
Why Connecticut voters decided to trust Democrats this past local election defies logic.  However I am confident that voter remorse will set in very quickly in January.  Especially when they get their new property tax bills in 2018.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

There was an election last Tuesday

There was an election last Tuesday.  Locally here in Connecticut depending upon how you viewed the results there were some winners and losers.  Overall approximately 31% of all registered voters in the state actually participated in our democracy by voting.  69% did not vote and many of these non voters end up being the biggest complainers in our state on how it is run. The Connecticut Democrat Party was claiming the local results were a referendum on President Trump who seems to be despised by most Democrats, liberals and RINO's throughout our country.  Many voters who voted for President Trump still support him contrary to what we see in the media driven daily assault of the President that never ends.  Several towns swapped their Mayor/Selectmen/Council majorities from Republican to Democrat, most notably Groton and Southington.  There were several towns that swapped their Mayor/Selectmen/Council majorities from Democrat to Republican, most notably Derby, Killingly and finally a Republican was voted on the New London City Council after many years of one party rule.
To me the results are interesting as on a state level the Connecticut Democrat Party has run the state into massive economic debt and helped make Connecticut one of the highest taxed states in the country and one of the last states in the country in economic development and growth.  Governor Malloy is the second least liked Governor in the country.  This is the record they are running on in 2018.  Therefore it is tough for me to accept on a local level how they will lead any differently than they do on a state level.  How many towns and cities will switch back from Democrat to Republican in 2019?  I will venture to say several as many voters may express remorse for voting Democrat this year. 
Here in Wallingford the results were predictable.  Mayor Dickinson was reelected and the Republicans keep a 6 to 3 majority on the Town Council.  The Charter Revision question passed by a large majority.  The town seems to be happy in the way it is managed.
Politics to me is always local.  On a state level the Connecticut Democrat Party has been a huge failure.  Conservative Republicans do exist in some parts of our state but the bulk of the excessive liberalism that governs us has rotted the core foundations of our state for years now.  Now it apparently is acceptable on a local level.
Maybe we can take back our state to what it once was.   An economically dynamic community that
was governed rationally and conservatively.  2018 elections will be telling.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Wallingford's Vote On November 7th

Wallingford's strength is found in many, many ways.  Low taxes, low electric rates, AAA bond ratings, a superior school system, a safe community to live and prosper in, an ethical and 
non-egotistical Mayor, a dynamic Town Council and Board of Education that govern effectively, a Charter Revision Committee that updated and strengthened our Town Charter and an amazing variety of businesses and companies that call Wallingford home.
It is an exceptionally well-run town being led by Republicans.  Republicans who want to see the town grow and prosper.  Republicans who are concerned about families, taxes and their physical community.  To many others and me it shows by how dynamic Wallingford is in 2017. 
They deserve your vote on Tuesday November 7th.  Also please vote yes on the Charter Revision question.  These votes will keep Wallingford moving forward and growing for the future. 

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Vote Yes For Wallingford Charter Revision On November 7th

I was a member of the Wallingford Charter Revision Commission.  I was proud to be part of this bi-partisan commission that was appointed to bring up to date this legal document of Wallingford.  Although we may have disagreed on some points the debate among the commissioners was always civil and respectful of each other and was non political in nature.  In 114 motions made by the Commission, the Commission was in unanimous agreement on 107 of the 114 motions.  This is 94% of the time we were in agreement.  The Commission made this Charter up to date and went through it line by line, page by page in an attempt to remove outdated, repetitive language, unnecessary language, created gender neutral language and in my opinion improved personnel policies.  It was a complete and exhaustive process of updating our Town Charter.  I read the Charter numerous times and gave serious thought to the letters, suggestions and comments from the public, town officials and legal department in regards to the suggested changes made.  I feel that the entire Commission gave deliberate, honest, and earnest thought to what was presented and completed the task to the best of our abilities.
We offer to the voting public an opportunity to keep Wallingford moving forward with this revised and up to date Charter document.
Please Vote Yes for Charter Revision.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

And Connecticut Still Does Not Have A Budget On October 29th

To me the Connecticut Legislature loves increasing spending, increasing taxes and creating new taxes.  It is a socialist dream to keep raising fees and taxes along eliminating personal freedoms of the people they rule over.  Here in Connecticut the omnipotent Democrat Party along with many RINO's (Republicans In Name Only) take pride in this yearly spectacle of higher taxes and higher spending.  There can be no limits to a socialist government that spirals out of control year-in and year-out.  Governor Malloy's socialism has overseen and helped to create one of the largest economic downturns in our state's history since he has taken office.
The "new" bipartisan budget was more of the same with higher spending and taxes.  The Democrats realizing that 2018 is another election year have conceded that their tax and spending policies have helped to ruin the state and they must show some restraint in this new budget.  I am surprised as to how many concessions they have agreed to if it is actually true since it is difficult if not impossible to actually read the budget document since it seems to be a secret.
Some highlights that I can gather from our new secret budget:
Hartford gets a $40 Million dollar bailout but it creates a fiscal oversight board to help manage its finances.
Higher taxes on cigarettes and a new tax on Uber rides (how much is unknown).
The Legislature must now vote on every union contract that comes up (this should have been done years ago).
Hartford's XL Center gets $40 million in bonding for upgrades but will be put on the market for sale in two years.  This is throwing $40 million dollars out of the window in my opinion.
There are long overdue reforms to binding arbitration since in my opinion it has helped cause the fiscal nightmare in our state.
There is a $1.9 billion dollar bonding cap.  Connecticut will now have even more than its current $60 to $80 billion dollars in unfunded liabilities and short and long term debt with this increase.
There will supposedly be a "strong" spending cap whatever that means.  There was a state constitutional amendment passed 25 years ago by Connecticut voters that should have been followed for the past 25 years that wasn't.  I am not overly optimistic about this new cap either.
From what I can gather there is an increase in spending and an increase in taxes.  There should have been no increased spending and no increases in taxes or new taxes and I would have been much more acceptable to this budget.  But we get a great deal of bells and whistles that we as taxpayers supposedly should get excited about.  There is no plan to address the $60 to $80 billion dollars in unfunded liabilities and short and long term debt that the state has.
And I do not see how this budget is balanced either.
And we do not know if the Governor will sign the budget either.
And Connecticut still does not have a budget on October 29th.
It is time to take back Connecticut.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Wallingford's Strong Republican Leadership

As we all know Election Day is almost upon us.  On Tuesday, November 7th, legal registered voters are allowed to cast their ballots for the people of their choice to represent them for the next two years in Connecticut's municipal elections.  It a part of our democracy that many choose to follow and make their voices heard and a path where many could not be bothered to spend 15 minutes of their lives in actually doing.  In my opinion many of those who choose not to vote are the loudest complainers of what is going on in our society and community.  Do not complain if you do not vote. The time of election here in Wallingford we again hear a tale of two cities, one that is horribly run with massive taxes, high costs and a path to economic oblivion.  And then the economic reality of a prosperous, dynamic, efficiently run, low tax, low electric cost community run by a Republican led Town Council and a Mayor who has been office for many years placing Wallingford's needs above his own and his own political gain.  
Wallingford is a unique community because of this.  Because of strong Republican leaders who place Wallingford's interest over their political ego on the Board of Education, Town Council, the Charter Commission and in the Mayor's office.  Wallingford's strong Republican leadership has been able to keep a AAA bond rating for many years now, has been able to keep taxes low, has been able to have the lowest electric rates in the state and provide effective local services, a strong educational system for our youth and an up to date Charter.  Wallingford's Republican leadership has been a dynamic force in keeping Wallingford moving forward economically and growing.
Wallingford's Republican leadership should become a model for our state.  It is not however the template that our state government uses.
Mayor William Dickinson has led Wallingford and continues to lead Wallingford as an elected official should.  He is economically conservative and understands that taxpayers monies is not unlimited.  He is also legally bound by the countless unfunded mandates that Connecticut government places on its cities and towns that increases our spending.  Mayor Dickinson has led by example never to be brought up on any ethics charge in all of the years he has been in office.  Can that be said about the ex-felon who is now Mayor of Bridgeport?
On November 7th Wallingford voters have the opportunity to extend forceful, economically rational and ethical government in Wallingford by voting for Mayor Dickinson for reelection along with the entire Republican slates for Board of Education and Town Council.  We see a well-run town due to Wallingford's Republican leadership.  They deserve to continue to run Wallingford for the next two years.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Vincent Cervoni For Wallingford Town Council

Mr. Cervoni is the Chairman of the Wallingford Town Council.  He in my opinion runs a fair and balanced town council meeting in an efficient and effective manner.   He listens to all sides of an issue before making a decision and he does make sure that all sides are heard during a debate.  He is an excellent choice this election.
From his campaign literature and website:
It has been my pleasure to continue my service to the Town of Wallingford in this, my fourth term on the Town Council.  I have been honored to be selected by my fellow councilors to be their chairman in this latest term, as well as the previous term.  I look forward to continuing on the Town Council for a fifth term.  I ask for your support.
I am proud to say that in this term, I have been a member of an administration which maintains an Aaa bond rating, the highest a municipality can achieve.  Having an excellent credit rating is a noteworthy accomplishment because it speaks to the financial stability of the Town.  Let's continue to keep Wallingford on solid financial ground.
Our new Plan of Conservation and Development was drafted and adopted in this past term.  The Plan encourages positive development in Wallingford with an emphasis on downtown development.
We have in place tax incentives to encourage new development in the downtown district, near the new, soon to open train station.
Through my negotiation and organization, our wonderful business owners have donated enough to fund the Fourth of July Fireworks Celebration for 2016 and 2017.  This is true American spirit! 
We have maintained low taxes and maintain good services in exchange for the taxpayer's dollar. 
We have achieved and maintained an Aaa bond rating!  This gives the Town the ability bond at the lowest available interest rates and to refinance bonds as interest rates decrease. 
We maintain a bonded debt per capita ratio of less than $1000 per resident.  This also contributes to our Aaa bond rating. 
Our schools are continuously improving.  Our talented Board of Education, combined with the school system's professional leader, Superintendent Dr. Sal Menzo, have improved our school system while maintaining efficiency.  I am proud to say that I have supported the Board of Education and their leaders in their work. 
The Wallingford Electric Division is an excellent enterprise, keeping energy rates low for residents while attracting businesses to Town for the same reason.  More businesses in Town reduce the residential tax burden.
Our Electric Division also creates rate incentives for new businesses moving to the downtown district.  It is important that we keep moving toward a revitalized downtown.  This is the face of our Town for a great variety of visitors, whether for business or academic travel.

Low taxes, economic growth, forward thinking are all parts of Mr. Cervoni's platform and again he puts the needs of our community above personal political gain.  
Mr. Cervoni  is articulate and offers a great deal of insight on many issues that come forward to the Council.   He is dedicated to Wallingford and making it even better than it is today.  He deserves to be reelected this November.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Tom Laffin For Wallingford Town Council

Wallingford Town Council Vice Chairman Tom Laffin is running for reelection this November.  Tom is an articulate and soft-spoken individual on the council who is concerned with neither ego nor fan fare as he looks at and decides on the issues of our community.  I am impressed with his knowledge on issues and his ability to communicate his thoughts to the public.  He has a desire to serve our town. He is an active member in our community.  
From his campaign literature and website:

I have a record of fiscal responsibility - cutting added lines out of the budget, not being afraid to say ‘no’ to some spending requests, but I also have a record of supporting programs and spending to keep our town healthy and safe through my support of the overall budget.
I have a record of being responsive to neighbors’ needs, by working with other town leaders and staff to get things fixed in town, such as blight in our neighborhoods.
I have a record of keeping things moving and focused on what is best for the town, whether it is voting with the members of the other party to sell the American Legion or with my own party to move the issues along and keep us from getting bogged down in unproductive issues and investigations.
I have a record of sticking to my principles even when it was contrary to getting what we all wanted, such as when I voted against the use of eminent domain.
I have a record of choosing to govern rather than make things political.  I'm not a big talker, because I have learned the fastest way to get someplace is to take the straightest possible route, and I have found the fastest route is usually the quietest route which, unfortunately, is difficult when politics are involved. 
But I don’t like to think of what I do as politics, but rather as service - this is my way to help.  Politics, however, is often a necessary evil, like these campaigns, that unfortunately gets in the way of governing at times.  Governing, just like parenting, is a tricky thing - if you do it right, it will appear to be seamless, people won’t be sure you did anything at all...that is until they reach a point of appreciation or every November.
Someone once said, ‘Decisions are made by the people that show up’...
In 1670, 126 people got together and settled in what we now know as Wallingford. 126 people picked up their lives and sought something better than what they had and they showed up here and chose to be a part of something bigger. Look where we are today, because a few people showed up.
I have been a consistent defender of the Wallingford taxpayer.  I have fought to cut frivolous budget lines, protecting necessary and carefully considered spending priorities. I will continue to vote only for fiscally responsible budgets.
Each budget season I spend sleepless nights wrestling with the choices of cutting spending or raising taxes and finding the balance between maintaining a well run town with reasonable spending and preventing our town from remaining stagnant.
Public Safety:
Public safety has always and will always remain a priority for all elected officials in town and we are all grateful for the dedication and hard work that our safety and emergency authorities provide and will continue to provide the funding and support they need.
I have continuously supported the requests of our of safety services departments, whether it be for special radio and computer upgrades or bid waivers on fire trucks and specifications necessary to get the job done.
While I supported and encouraged the placement of a drop box in the police station,  I understood the Police Chief’s concerns and am extremely satisfied with the compromise that was reached.
I have been a consistent supporter of environmental priorities in town, including: the procurement and maintenance of open space, and the expansion of the Quinnipiac Linear Trail into Yalesville. These resources help maintain our community's small town feel and charm.
Arts and Culture:
I am proud of Wallingford's partnerships with various venues and programs which enhance the lives of Wallingford residents.  Through both the private and public sectors, including the Oakdale Theatre, SCOW, Wallingford Symphony Orchestra, and the Choate Paul Mellon Arts Center, the community comes together to participate in and enjoy what these organizations have to offer.
I believe Tom Laffin should continue to serve as one of our Town Councilors.  He has a professional approach to issues and problems.  His leadership is essential and vital in 2017 and beyond.  Vote Tom Laffin in November.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

No Connecticut Budget on October 21

My usual blog on a Saturday is to remind Connecticut Taxpayers that there is still no budget and there is still massive short and long term unfunded liabilities and debt.  Along with above market salaries, benefits and pensions for both state management and union workers.  Thus today, Saturday October 21, I will state the same there is still no budget and there is still massive short and long term unfunded liabilities and debt.  Along with above market salaries, benefits and pensions for both state management and union workers.
There was a budget proposal that was worked on and is being ready for a vote this coming week.  Governor Malloy has been shut out of these negotiations as both sides are tired of his fits of rage when dealing with his economically illogical proposals on his four ridiculous budgets that he has presented.  The new budget raises the cigarette tax and eliminates the local property tax on motor vehicles which will shift this tax burden to cities and towns.  It increases the amount that state teachers contribute to their pensions from 6% to 7%.  Currently according to the Office of Fiscal Analysis Connecticut has one of the highest average teacher pensions in the country at $59,000 per year for those who retired in 2016.  In 2017 it will increase more.  State teachers do not pay into Social Security but pay 6% of their incomes into their pension fund.  The pension fund unfunded liability is expected to increase dramatically over the next ten years.  The amount the state contributes to this fund will grow from $1 billion dollars a year to $6 billion dollars a year in the near future.  Connecticut also offers a state income tax break on those state teachers pensions of 50% beginning in 2017 up from the current 25% if these teachers continue to live in Connecticut.   Connecticut Taxpayers who have private sector pensions receive no state income tax exemption for their pensions.  For those individuals who work in the private sector and who pay into Social Security their tax is 6.2% on their incomes.  As an example, an individual who works in the private sector and averages $80,000 a year in income will when retiring at age 67 will only receive an average social security payment of $22,000 to $27,000 a year depending on gross life time earnings.  This figure is much less than Connecticut teachers retirement benefits.  The fiscal imbalance is enormous for Connecticut Taxpayers who work in the private sector.  If we look at other state pensions for both management and union workers the amount they receive in their pensions are well above average as compared to other states.  Some state workers do not even contribute to their pensions.  Some state pensions will add overtime and mileage reimbursements to their pensions.
This budget proposal also address binding arbitration cases for towns and cities by allowing more than just the last offers from both sides to have to be accepted in these cases.  This leaves more room for negotiations and less costly proposals to be available for cities and towns.  The budget naturally will bail out the city of Hartford to help avoid their inevitable bankruptcy.
There is a lot to like and dislike about this budget proposal.  Connecticut Taxpayers can see the incredible power the state employee unions have over how the state is allowed to spend their monies.  Connecticut Taxpayers can also see how above market salaries, benefits and pensions for both state management and union workers will eventually be the only area that the state will be spending its money on and will probably lead to our own states bankruptcy. 
How did Connecticut end up in this fiscal mess?  In my economic opinion it has been pay to play, give unions and all of the other special interest groups what they want paid for by Connecticut Taxpayers.  Make sure votes both legally and illegally are then delivered to the Connecticut Democrat Party to keep them in power.  Push any economic solutions to resolve the impending economic crisis to future unborn generations.
What a mess.
It is time to take back Connecticut.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Joe Marrone For Wallingford Town Council

I am using one of my votes in November to reelect Joe Marrone to the Town Council.  Mr. Marrone has done an excellent job in my opinion as a member of the Town Council.  He shows a great deal of leadership qualities and characteristics in his actions and has spent a great deal of time in examining all sides of the issues.  That allows him to make in my opinion valid and effective votes on all topics.  Being a parent with three sons in the school system, Mr. Marrone takes an active role in what is actually going on in our schools with an eye to the future through articulate ideas.  I urge my fellow Wallingford Voters to reelect Joe to the Town Council.

From his campaign website:
  1. Stands up for families -  I have young children and family is very important to me.  I consistently push for greater access to the public schools and more parental involvement.  Just this year, I fought for greater ability for parents to question curricular decisions in schools.  I am involved in Scouting because I believe it helps families to raise responsible children.
  2. Here for the long haul -  Ours is a town that attracts families from all over to locate here.  Many of these families will relocate once their children are finished with our excellent pubic schools.  I grew up in town and my family and I are here to stay. 
  3. Responsible with your money - In my time on the Board of Education, I voted against a number of proposed budgets because I did not believe that they were sustainable over time.  Responsible government is always thrifty and tax dollars are money that belongs to my friends and neighbors.  Elected officials should take greater care with other people's money than they do with their own.
  4. Here to help, not here to make noise -  I am a dad, and as a dad sometimes you need to be there to fix things, and sometimes you need to stand on the sidelines.  If you follow town government, you will note that I am never the one to go out of my way to grab a headline or a soundbite.  This type of grandstanding is all too common, and is frankly a counterproductive waste of your time.
  5. Respects the traditions of our town -   We have a well run Electric Division, great police and fire service and great town services.  There is always room to improve every service, but we need to focus on what is really vital and be cautious about expanding services in a time when tax dollars are so tight.
  6. Running for the right reasons -  I have enjoyed my nearly 6 years on the Board of Education working to help children and families and I believe I can do more on the Town Council.  If the voters don't choose me, Wallingford will still be a great town.  I think that my background and common sense approach to government will be an asset to the town.  
  7. Is not afraid to stand alone - Reasonable adults can disagree about a great many things.  I have stood alone on a number of issues on the Board, including the budget, excessive early dismissals, and school snack policy.  I would be no different on the Council.
  8. Not interested in trends and fads -  We have major issues facing our town, including improvements to the water treatment plant, businesses leaving our town and a stagnant grand list.  These are the things we need to focus on.  There are plenty of minor issues that we can talk about, but they are often a distraction to real function of government.
  9. Is forward thinking - I am always interested in what will not only serve us today, but will help us tomorrow.  After careful consideration, I supported the cost saving and education enhancing reconfiguration of the elementary schools.  
  10. Is open minded -  I am a proud Republican, however, a good idea is a good idea.  We currently have outstanding Democrats on the Council and I would be happy to work with them on any issue for the betterment of the people of Wallingford.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Chris Shortell For Wallingford Town Council

One of my votes for Wallingford Town Council will be going to Republican candidate Chris Shortell. He is an energetic and established candidate who offers a variety of different and useful ideas.  He has done an excellent job in my opinion as a member of the Wallingford Town Council  He is a family man with two wonderful children.  
Some thoughts from his campaign information:

Fiscal uncertainty at the state level and its impact on Wallingford
Maintaining our strong finances and not wasting our surplus on frivolous spending.  This means potentially making tough decisions on services like Community Pool, which has seen a massive decline in usage and is in need of replacement.
Looking for ways to cut spending where possible.  As I have often said at our meetings, there should be “no sacred cows.”  That means that all departments--from police and fire to the school system--should be actively looking for ways to cut spending and be more efficient.
Modernizing our town health insurance program, which will help save money (more on that below).

Continuing to modernize our town health insurance program
Include an HSA or high deductible plan as an option in all future contracts that do not already include it.
Begin exploring strategies to migrate town employees into these lower cost plans via town payroll contribution.

Promote economic development
Support the Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) initiatives, including exploring more aggressive tax incentives to spur downtown development.
Continue to explore opportunities to assemble parcels and package for developers
Assess the old train station and make a recommendation for future usage
Parking strategy for both uptown and downtown

Protect our community
Our police, fire and public works all do a great job, and we need to continue to support them while being mindful of the tough economy and budget limitations.
Education, advocacy, and support for both the police and organizations like the Coalition for a Better Wallingford, as we grapple with the devastating opioid crisis.  This is a situation, as the Deputy Police Chief said last year, that we “cannot arrest our way out of.”
I feel Chris Shortell would be an excellent candidate for Town Council.  I urge fellow Wallingford voters to vote for him in November.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

No Connecticut Budget On October 14

Yes there is still no Connecticut budget as of October 14, 2017.  Connecticut remains no only state in the country not to have a budget.  Connecticut still has a massive amount of short and long term debt, short and long term unfunded liabilities along with a massive budget deficit.  Connecticut is ruled not by an elected state legislature but by an omnipotent state labor union along with a core of management non union employees whom are all paid above market salaries, benefits and pensions.  These above market union and non union salaries, pensions and benefits have helped to contribute to Connecticut's constant economic decline and enormous debt.
Thus we still have no budget.  Governor Malloy chooses to insult all groups that he dislikes in the state with regards to his economically illiterate budget proposal he presented several weeks back.  Governor Malloy chose to veto a bi-partisan budget that passed the House and Senate that would have started to address the massive tax and spending problems the state has.  But no the Governor has hissy fits and tantrums when he is being questioned about his budget or lack of leadership.  Yet budget negotiations trudge on and on and on. 
And the best part of the entire crisis is that Connecticut Taxpayers will paying Malloy's pension for years to come when he gets out of office.
A dictatorship is seen in Hartford.  Connecticut Taxpayers support this dysfunctionalism on a daily basis due to the high levels of taxes they must pay to live in the state.  The Malloy Administration has been an abysmal failure in governing.  The Connecticut Democrat Party is a tool of the state labor unions.  And Connecticut Taxpayers are governed by an elite few and told what they can have and not have.
There is still no Connecticut budget as of October 14, 2017.  There are still no answers to Connecticut's massive amount of short and long term debt, short and long term unfunded liabilities along with a massive budget deficit. There are still no answers to Connecticut's above market state union and non union salaries, pensions and benefits.  No answers.  Just political grandstanding by the Connecticut Democrat Party.
It is time to take back Connecticut in 2018.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The 2017 Wallingford Election: Board Of Education

Wallingford is a great town and community.  It has a strong sense of fiscal responsibility and of self government.  It has an excellent school system that has been helped over the past with a Republican majority on its Board of Education.  The election in 2017 is no different with six strong Republican candidates running for the Board.  They include: incumbents Roxane McKay, who chairs the school board, as well as Shauna Glidden and Karen Hlavac.  This year we also have newcomers Ray Ross, Lou Czerwinski, and Erin Corso running for seats.  The Republican candidates believe in fiscal responsibility and getting the most out of the Board of Education budget.  I urge my fellow Wallingford voters to elect a Republican majority for the board on November 7th. 

Saturday, October 07, 2017

The Malloy Gimmick Veto-Still No Connecticut Budget

Governor Malloy vetoed on September 28 what he called a "gimmick-laden" budget that passed the House and Senate on September 15/16.  The Governor long on rhetoric and short on economic literacy continued his rants and raves about how bad the budget was since it made cuts to higher education especially the University of Connecticut.  Malloy then took to the road with UConn's President Susan Herbst who in fiscal year 2015-2016 earned a mere $911,037.50 in salary along with $75,062.21 in fringe benefits ( to state the devastation that will take place to the University if those budget cuts were made.  The Board of Regents for Higher Education President Mark Ojakian who earns in excess of $332,000 a year in salaries and benefits took equally to the streets to stir up a posse of complaints about the new budget and its cuts to his department. Cries of "Tax the Rich" were heard by several special interest groups even though many of the wealthiest Connecticut Taxpayers are moving out of the state each year thus furthering the collapsing tax revenues the state receives each year. 
Obviously here in Connecticut cutting spending is wrong especially when its comes to higher education.  If one examines closely the higher education budget especially for administrative non teaching positions salaries, benefits and pensions there seems to be a massive amount of money being spent in these areas. The only solutions in response to these budget cuts being put forth by its leaders is to raise tuition for students.  There is never any mention of cuts to either President Herbst's or President Ojakian's salaries, benefits or pensions.  Nor there is ever any mention of any economic solutions by what is supposed to be some of the smartest and brightest individuals in our society who run Connecticut higher education on how to do more with less money. Connecticut Taxpayers must finds ways to do more with less on a daily basis.
Thus we still have no budget nor do I believe we will have a budget in the near future. 
Governor Malloy and the Connecticut Democrat Party wishes to inflict as much pain and suffering it can on Connecticut Taxpayers in order to protect and nurture a ruling political class that has decreed upon itself one of the highest levels of salaries, benefits and pensions in the country at the expense of the state's economic well being.  
Connecticut continues to be an economic nightmare with this budget mess.  Connecticut continues to have failed leadership in its government.  Connecticut's short and long term debt continues to be massive. 
It is time to take back Connecticut.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Connecticut Is The No Budget State

It is too bad that Connecticut does not have a coherent new budget that cuts spending and does not raise taxes.  The Republican budget proposal offered no new or increased taxes and it also cut spending.  This type of budget was not acceptable to Governor Malloy or to most of the tried and true liberal tax and spend union endorsed Democrat legislators that have helped to drive Connecticut into economic ruin.  The Republican budget which was passed by both the House and Senate was vetoed by Governor Malloy who then felt a need to take to the road to condemn the Republican budget and somehow try to gain support for higher taxes to once again solve all of Connecticut's economic woes.  His road show was comical at best as many Connecticut Taxpayers see through his lies and deceptions of his failed economic policies of massive tax hikes along with massive increases in spending.
Malloy's veto represents his Administration's views of he is right and everyone else is wrong.  Only Dan Malloy and his Connecticut Democrat Party policies and points of view are correct.  There is no room nor has there ever been compromise in Hartford.  It is only the failed Malloy way or no way at all as is seen with this inept budget crisis continuing to this day.
What was wrong with signing the Republican passed budget?  For one thing it asked for cuts in state spending.  Connecticut Taxpayers realize that Dan Malloy and his Connecticut Democrat Party along with state labor unions reject any attempt for fiscal conservatism.  After all how do you buy votes in 2018 if you can not promise highly paid state jobs to those who deliver them?  Why should there be any shared sacrifice in dealing with the Connecticut debt problem? 
So we still do not have a budget.  Negotiations seem to be going nowhere and with good reason.  There is a passed realistic Republican budget that cuts spending and does not raise taxes.  It should have been signed by Governor Malloy and been given a chance to succeed.  The two largest tax increases in the states history have done nothing to either balance the budget nor pay down Connecticut's excessive long term debt. 
Why couldn't something new been tried to help the state?  I know why.  Connecticut Taxpayers have no say in our government as we only work for the Democrat dictatorship that has entrapped our state for too many years now.
It is time to take back Connecticut in 2018.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Governor Malloy-Sign The Republican Budget

I do not think the Connecticut Democrat Party understood what happened to them when there was defections in their ranks and some moderate Democrats decided to vote for a Republican sponsored economically feasible no tax increase budget.  Do they realize that their economic lies and excessive taxation has now actually grown stale with their own party members?  Does the Connecticut Democrat Party now realize that the last seven years of the Malloy Administration has been a complete economic failure of excessive taxation and excessive short and long term debt?  Has the Connecticut Democrat Party seen the amount of houses and condos for sale in our state?  Has the Connecticut Democrat Party seen the amount of businesses that have moved out of our state in the past seven years?  Does the Connecticut Democrat Party have any plan to pay off Connecticut's short and long term debt of $60 to $80 billion dollars?
There are no answers to these questions by the Connecticut Democrat Party.
Thus several of their members have decided to move away from their tax and spend policies and try something different.  A Republican budget that actually cuts spending and does not raise taxes.  A budget that looks at the excessive costs of mid and upper level management positions in all areas of state government including higher education. And the responses have been the usual bureaucratic outcries of how all of these cuts will decimate their programs.  Have all of the higher taxes and higher spending for these same programs in the past seven years done anything to make Connecticut economically attractive and viable?  Or has all of this excessive taxing and spending brought Connecticut to its knees economically?
Governor Malloy needed to sign that budget immediately.  Of course he didn't and we will see in a few days his massive spending cuts take place for our cities and towns on October 1.  We will see his politically charged and induced form of punishment of well managed and economically efficient towns and cities losing aid for state mandated programs take hold while Connecticut's corrupted and poorly run cities gloat in their windfalls of yet even more state aid.
Leadership in Hartford has not been seen for many years now.  This budget allows Connecticut the beginnings of a new prosperity and towards economic growth.  It gives the remaining legal Connecticut residents and taxpayers a slim glimmer of economic hope for the future of the state.
But will Governor Malloy and the Connecticut Democrat Party admit their lies and move this budget to become law?  I highly doubt it.  The Connecticut Democrat Party is and always will be the economic cancer that has destroyed Connecticut.  Enough is enough.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The New Connecticut Republican Budget. Governor Malloy Sign The Budget.

Yes there is a new Connecticut budget.  Several Democrats are upset that several Democrats decided to ask in a coherent fashion and vote for a Republican proposed budget that cuts spending and does not increase taxes like the stale Democrat budget proposal did.
Yes it is shocking that several Democrat Senators and Representatives decided to try a new budget that cuts spending and does not increase taxes as does the Democrat proposal offers.  However we now see that Democrat Governor Malloy is having a fit to see that the Democrat Party has basically ceded power to the Republicans in the House and Senate and he has stated that he will veto any Republican budget passed.
That is funny to me.
It is funny to see Governor Malloy who in my economic opinion has been an abysmal failure as a Governor will still veto a budget that contain no taxes increases and he will pursue his failed economic policies of higher spending and higher taxes to placate his chosen political cronies he embraces until this day.  But isn't today a day of reckoning?  A day that many of us would never have seen coming?  A day where several moderate Democrat Senate and House members decided to try something different and embrace Republican economic policies that might bring Connecticut back from its economic nightmare that it has been living through for too many years now?  That day was September 16th.  A day when Connecticut started its path bath to economic and fiscal sanity.
Governor Malloy sign the budget.  Give it a chance for a change.  Do not veto the budget.
Governor Malloy sign the budget.
Governor Malloy sign the budget.
Governor Malloy sign the budget.
Change needs to happen today for Connecticut's future.
It Is Time To Take Back Connecticut In 2018.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

September 9 and No New Connecticut Budget

Again we have no new Connecticut budget.  Nothing new.  It is now September 9 and there is no new Connecticut budget.  71 days into the new fiscal year and there is still no new Connecticut budget. However we are witnessing the unmitigated gall of the Governor and the Omnipotent One Party Rule of the Connecticut Democrat Party in now developing the third highest tax increase in the states history with their new budget proposal coming after the two highest tax increases in the states history.  Those two highest tax increases were supposed to stabilize the states finances.
This new proposal again with zero input from the Connecticut Republican legislators who represent over 47% of Connecticut voters and taxpayers will be shoved down our throats in the coming days.  The tax increases are severe.  There is an increase in hospital taxes. There are increases in the state sales tax, an elimination of tax free week in August, the property tax credit on the state income tax would be reduced to $100 and be limited to senior citizens or those with dependents, a new 7% restaurant sales tax and an increase the conveyance tax on real estate sales.  Municipal aid to towns and cities to help pay for mandated teachers pensions will be cut thus creating higher property taxes for local property tax taxpayers.
Thus Governor Malloy has lied once again to Connecticut Taxpayers.  He will raise taxes yet again.  Connecticut still does not have a balanced budget.  The Connecticut Democrat Party has once again lied to Connecticut Taxpayers and will raise both taxes and spending.
There has been no real cuts in spending in the upcoming out-of-balance fiscal 2017-18 state budget.  There will be again budget deficits in six to nine months as more businesses and personal taxpayers move out of state.  There will be no mention of any plan to pay off Connecticut's $60 to $80 Billion dollars worth of short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities.  There is no discussion of the constitutionally mandated state spending cap that was ruled illegal by the Democrat Attorney General.
Connecticut voters and taxpayers need to recognize the fact the Governor and the Connecticut Democrat Party can not govern in any way, shape or form.  They can only legislate for themselves, their state unions and their political friends.  They despise Connecticut Taxpayers and Connecticut businesses.  The Governor and the Connecticut Democrat Party are useless in resolving our states economic problems.
A solution to our economic issues in Connecticut would be a general Taxpayers strike.  Connecticut Taxpayers would stop paying their state taxes thus it would strip our state government from its funds to enrich its political ruling class and truly force real budgetary negotiations along with real structural changes to take place in Hartford.  Alas I can only dream of a non corrupted state government in Hartford.
More of the same tax and spend lies will be spewed this week as Connecticut Taxpayers lose once again with still even higher taxes to try to manage.  All while Dan Malloy and the Connecticut Democrat Party lie and laugh at Connecticut.
It is horrific.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

September 2 and No New Connecticut Budget

Again we have no new Connecticut budget.  Nothing new.  It is now September 2 and there is no new Connecticut budget.  64 days into the new fiscal year and there is still no new Connecticut budget.  Can you believe 64 days of total inaction and a lack of leadership by the Connecticut Democrat Party in preparing a mandated fiscal year budget?  In private industry you would be fired.  In Hartford you are rewarded in their political spoils system.  Now we know however there were several Republican budget proposals that the Democrats would not allow to reach the House or Senate floor for a vote.  No the Connecticut Democrat Party in their supposed bipartisanship does not allow for opposing views to be presented by the Connecticut Republican Party even though they represent 47% of Connecticut's legal citizens.  Obviously bipartisanship means with regards to budget discussions are only what the Connecticut Democrat Party will allow to be spoken through new and higher taxes.  Governor Malloy now is at war with the bulk of the state's cities and towns wanting to rob cash from fiscally conservative and responsible towns to give to the socialist and fiscally incompetent cities such as Bridgeport, Hartford, and New Haven.  He now states that cities and towns have been given too much over the years even though the state mandates draconian and fiscally irresponsible programs such binding arbitration that can not be paid for by these sames cities and towns.  To me there is such great irony and hypocrisy in the Governors remarks.
There is now talk in much higher state income taxes for those who are "rich" and for those who are middle class.  These income taxes I am sure will be retroactive to January 1 to extract more cash out of Connecticut "rich" citizens.  This higher income tax along with much higher sales taxes and a city sales tax will further the economic erosion of our once great state.
When will it all end?
These new taxes will not do anything to resolve the constant state budget deficits.
Again I will restate that lies are the rule in Hartford as our Democrat elected officials believe their constant lies of higher taxes and more spending will solve all of Connecticut's economic problems.  There is no accountability nor repercussions for the Connecticut Democrat Party and their dishonesty and myths about higher taxes.  Connecticut Taxpayers really deserve better.  This budget fiasco shows once again that the Connecticut Democrat Party is the true economic cancer of the state.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

August 26 and No New Connecticut Budget

Again we have no new Connecticut budget.  But we know now that the Democrat Party has proposed guess what in their new budget.  New and higher taxes and fees represent their over eleven months of supposed work and supposed negotiations (little with the Republicans) on the new budget.  For this accomplishment they are offering Connecticut Taxpayers much higher sales taxes expanded to many previously non taxed items, a one percent city tax on restaurant food and other entertainment areas, much higher fees at the incompetent and inefficient Department of Motor Vehicles, a sales tax on any music you download and the usual higher cigarette taxes.  This package took the Connecticut Democrats about a year to develop.  There was no mention still besides the horrific non concession union concession plan (that was negotiated behind close doors) of reform in state management, union and non union salaries, benefits and pensions.  For those who are trying to comprehend the state union concession package it in my economic opinion offers no savings whatsoever to help this budget crisis since there can be no layoffs nor any reform to the current and future levels of pensions.
I would like to remind Connecticut Taxpayers that we just had the two highest tax increases in the states history compliments of the Connecticut Democrat Party.  These two highest tax increases in the states history were supposed to resolve Connecticut's deficit problems.  The Connecticut Democrat Party has lied once again to Connecticut Taxpayers as we see with this new budget.  
Connecticut still has an increasing short and long debt along with unfunded liabilities of $60 to $80 billion dollars.  As a reminder to Dan Malloy when he ran for reelection he stated that there was no budget deficit.  As a reminder to 85th District State Representative Mary Mushinsky she stated in the last election that the budget was balanced.   What happened?  How come all the highest taxes that the Connecticut Democrat Party slammed upon the state did not balance our bloated budget?  Why do we have an increasing short and long term debt along with unfunded liabilities that will not be stabilized at any time in the near future with all of these tax increases?  Why wasn't any of the Republican budget proposals brought up for a straight up or down vote on either the House or Senate floor?
Accountability really can not be seen in our Governor nor in our Democrat controlled State Legislature.  Lies are the rule in Hartford as our Democrat elected officials believe their constant lies of higher taxes and more spending will solve all of Connecticut's economic problems.  There is no accountability nor repercussions for the Connecticut Democrat Party and their dishonesty and myths about higher taxes.  
Connecticut Taxpayers really deserve better.  This budget fiasco shows once again that the Connecticut Democrat Party is the true economic cancer of the state.


Saturday, August 19, 2017

August 19 and No New Connecticut Budget

  Again we have no new Connecticut budget.  But we know now that Governor Malloy has come to the rescue of his Democrat Party voting blocks in the big cities by taking money away and or eliminating the Education Costs Sharing Grant from 85 cities and towns and giving it to poorer cities and towns in the state.  This grant is money that the state gives to all cities and towns in the state to help pay for some of the mandated state educational programs.  For example Wallingford would lose $19 million dollars in this funding which would have to be made up by raising property taxes almost immediately.  This is due to no new Connecticut budget.
At the same time Republicans for voicing their vehement opposition to Malloy’s plan and by the possible budget proposal by House Speaker Aresimowicz that includes higher sales taxes along with less exemptions and a new city sales tax are being condemned by Connecticut Democrats.   Republicans will not agree to any new tax increases.  One must remember that Connecticut Democrats slammed residents in the past six years the two highest tax increases in the states history that was to supposed to solve all of Connecticut’s economic woes.  It did not and now we are once again at a breaking point with a $5 billion dollar budget deficit along with $60 to $80 billion dollars worth of short and long-term debt and unfunded liabilities. 
Republican budget proposals have been completely ignored by Omnipotent Connecticut Democrat Party this session.  Republicans have been shut out of the budget process for six years now.  And the Connecticut Democrat Party has the audacity to vilify the Republicans? 
The Connecticut Democrat Party obviously has no respect for the Connecticut Taxpayer.  They believe their failed economic policies by choosing winners and losers in our state economy via taxpayer funded corporate welfare payments, along with constant new and higher taxes coupled with an economic love affair of state labor unions doing anything they want and given anything they want will somehow lead Connecticut out of its economic morass.  Do they think Connecticut Taxpayers are that stupid to believe this garbage?
One day Connecticut will have a new budget.  It will be more of the same, higher and new taxes, more spending for state labor unions and more political nepotism.  The Connecticut Democrat Party will be congratulating each other for their latest con job they pulled over the Connecticut Taxpayer.  They will reward themselves with more spoils from their conquests of the Connecticut Taxpayer.
It is sickening to say the least.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

August 12 and No New Connecticut Budget

Again we have no new Connecticut budget.  Again we have no new information on any new budget.  Again we have no news on what new taxes will be enacted and or increased.  Again we have no new information as to how the rest of the $5 billion dollar budget deficit will be resolved.  Again we have no information as to any plan to address Connecticut's $60 to $80 billion dollars worth of short and long term debt and unfunded liabilities.  Again we have a sickening lack of leadership from our state government to resolve our economic issues here in Connecticut.
Is this a tipping point for the voters and taxpayers of Connecticut?  Is this lack of budget and leadership actually going to trigger a wholesale change in our state government with a Republican controlled legislature and a new Republican Governor in 2018?  Is this lack of budget a spigot to open up many Democrat legislators to resign and or retire during the coming year?  And then will these same legislators be rewarded with some sort of highly paid do nothing taxpayer funded state job as their reward for their economically incoherent and poorly managed terms in office?
Connecticut has had a serious lack of leadership for many years now.  It is evident that years of Omnipotent Connecticut Democrat Party One Party Rule has damaged the economic core of the state to a point of no return. High taxes, a mass population movement out of the state, a lack of new jobs, and a government only responsive to the needs of its union members and non union management employees for life is owned by the Democrat Party.   They are the economic cancer of Connecticut.
Again we have no new Connecticut budget.
Again we have no leadership in Hartford.
Again more Connecticut residents will be packing their belongings and moving out of state.
Again no economic solutions.