Saturday, November 19, 2016

$129,065.28 State Pension. Not Bad When You Are Broke.

William Cibes was a public employee for many years being supported by Connecticut Taxpayers.  Connecticut has short and long term debt of about $60 to $80 Billion dollars.  How does this relate to Connecticut's massive debt?  Well Cibes was the Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management under Gov. Lowell P. Weicker, Jr., from 1991 to 1994 and then amazingly enough became the Chancellor of the Connecticut State University System from 1994 to 2006. He also served in the Connecticut General Assembly from 1979 to 1991.  He was a leading proponent of the Weicker driven Utopian State Income Tax that was supposed to resolve all of Connecticut's fiscal problems.  Cibes short stay as a one term Secretary of Office of Policy and Management was then rewarded with becoming the Chancellor of the then Connecticut State University System.  Cibes is now co-chairman of the Connecticut’s Spending Cap Commission which is my opinion a political tool allowing Cibes to proclaim that Connecticut's spending is not out-of-control nor has the state income tax contributed to the long decline of Connecticut's economy.   Cibes state pension is a mere $129,065.28 a year that Connecticut Taxpayers must pay for each year.  Cibes apparently feels that his pension is justified as being a political servant to the Connecticut liberal establishment.
Can one argue from an economics point of view that he provided any "economic productivity" in his many years of living off the Connecticut Taxpayer's gravy train?  Can one argue that the progressive Utopian state income tax has done little than drive the nails into the economic coffin that was once a dynamic and prosperous economy?
Cibes helped to create these economic problems that Connecticut still must address 25 years later.  In my economic opinion he has few qualifications to be co-chairman of the Connecticut’s Spending Cap Commission as there is no spending cap since it was ruled unconstitutional by a Connecticut Democrat Attorney General.  And Cibes comments are economically irrational and illogical.  The Connecticut economic problem is out-of-control spending on salaries, benefits and pensions.  Cibes pension is an excellent example of the constant waste of Connecticut Taxpayer's monies.
His $129,065.28 state pension is not bad for a Democrat led bankrupt state and a prime example of government waste.
It is Time To Take back Connecticut In 2018.  William Cibes and his destructive economic policies have done enough damage to Connecticut.

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