Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Connecticut Republican Dan Carter For United States Senator

United States Air Force and Operation Desert Storm Veteran Dan Carter is the Republican candidate for United States Senate here in Connecticut.  You would not know that since our current Senator Dick Blumenthal controls Connecticut's media with his constant 20 second sound bites on correcting all of the ills of our world. What he has accomplished is unknown to me other than he has constant press conferences that tell us how wonderful he is for looking into everything and anything that can garner press for him.  I am surprised Blumenthal has not sent to all Connecticut residents a picture of himself that we have to hang up in our homes to remind us daily that he is our Senator.  Blumenthal is all talk with no results other than satisfying his unsatisfied ego.  And Dan Carter is an actual Veteran who served in harms way unlike our current Senator.
It is too bad there can not be more than one debate between Carter and Blumenthal.  I do not understand why Connecticut Voters are not allowed to hear more from Blumenthal in an unrehearsed manner.  Is he afraid of his opposition?  Is he afraid of the truth of how bad Connecticut's economy is?  Six years is a long time to show Connecticut Voters that our Senior Senator has done little to impact and or better our economy.
Dan Carter has impressed me in his short time as a Connecticut State Representative having the guts to vote against Connecticut's ridiculous and ineffective gun control bill, the never ending tax increases force fed to us by the Democrats and the equally ineffective and deadly early release program.  He stands for smaller and more effective government.  He is more concerned with actual issues rather than satisfying his ego.
I know he can make a difference with actual concerns for Connecticut Taxpayers with actual actions rather than just spewed rhetoric that we must hear from Blumenthal on a daily basis.
I urge Connecticut voters to vote for Republican Dan Carter for United States Senate.  It Is Time To Take Back Connecticut In November.

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