Friday, October 07, 2016

$200 Million Dollars To Sikorsky-Close 2 Technical High Schools

Connecticut's Governor Dan Malloy must have a strong dislike for those people in society who need help.  People who can not take care of themselves or need help seem to be abused by the Governor as evidence of all of the budget cuts he has implemented for hospitals, people with disabilities, children and youthful offenders to name a few.  Now he wants to eliminate two state Technical/Vocational High Schools to save money.
What Malloy never mentions are budget cuts to the bloated upper level and middle level management group of state employees who live off the Connecticut Taxpayers.  Ever look at what state Commissioners receive in salaries and benefits?  For example the President of the Connecticut Board of Regents Mark Ojakian (who has no education management background) receives a mere $335,000 a year in salary plus benefits plus a massive pension when he retires.  How about all state Commissioners and the Governor work for a year with no salary and benefits to save money for the state?
And after Sikorsky receives $220 million dollars in Connecticut Taxpayers monies, Malloy now wants to cut spending again and in particular two state Technical High Schools.  Now this after the two highest Democrat tax increases in the states history still has not been enough to eliminate the massive yearly budgets deficits nor even begin to address the massive $60 to $80 billion dollars of short and long term unfunded liabilities.  It is just more of the same for Dan Malloy and Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule of the Connecticut Democrat Party.  More taxes, more lies, more politically connected, more theft.  More, more, more.
Connecticut Taxpayers hopefully have had enough of Dan Malloy and the Connecticut Democrat Party.  And hopefully most Democrats in our state legislature will lose their seats in the coming November election.  It is time to take back Connecticut.  Don't you think it is time for new leadership?

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