Sunday, October 23, 2016

Wallingfortd's 85th District Needs A New State Representative Republican Serge Mihaly

Republican candidate Serge Mihaly for State Representative in Wallingford’s 85th District is a man of beliefs, convictions and principals.  He is not afraid to speak his mind and express his opinions.
He is running against Representative Mary Mushinsky in Wallingford’s 85th District.  She is the same Representative who has voted for every tax increase since she has been in office and she has been in office a mere 36 years now helping to oversee the complete economic dismantling of our state economy.  She voted for the Utopian State Income Tax, the supposed cure all for all of Connecticut’s economic woes.  That really helped didn’t it?  That is the real record she is running on Election Day, tax and spend and tax spend even more with no end in sight.  Why does she deserve another two years in office to continue to inflict more economic hardship on the taxpayers of the district with her never ending tax increases that she supports with a budget that never balances?
Candidate Mihaly is not part of the Omnipotent One Party Rule Of Hartford.   He represents taxpayers not the political elite who run Connecticut. It Is Time To Take Back Connecticut In November.  And what better way than to replace the tired and economically ineffective policies of career Democrat politician Mary Mushinsky than with the crisp and new effective economic policies of Republican Serge Mihaly.
Vote Serge Mihaly for State Representative in Wallingford’s 85th District in November.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Are You Better Off Today In Connecticut? Vote Republican on November 8th.

Are you better off today in Connecticut?   Are you better off in Connecticut over the past two years?  The past four years?  The past six years?  Are you better off since the Connecticut state income tax was passed?  Are you better off with even more bloated state management jobs and positions with high pay, benefits and pensions than two years ago?  Are you better off as a Connecticut taxpayer knowing that your state has over $70 billion dollars in short and long term unfunded debt and liabilities?  Are you better off knowing the Governor and his Democrat controlled General Assembly can't figure out what the current never ending budget deficit is at any time?   The same budget deficit that the Governor stated did not exist when running for reelection?  Are you better off being lied to by your Democrat elected officials on virtually every and any topic that pertains to you living in Connecticut?  Are you better knowing that the legally voted on and passed Connecticut Constitution Balanced Budget Amendment is somehow ruled unconstitutional to serve the purposes of the Connecticut Democrat Party?   Are you better off with one party rule in Connecticut?  Are you better off knowing that the Connecticut Democrat Party at any time can enact laws and rules that continue to erode and take away your personal and work freedom?  Are you better off knowing that Connecticut law abiding citizens who own legal guns are considered criminals while criminals with illegal guns are somehow the victims according to the Connecticut Democrat Party?  Are you better off knowing that you the Connecticut Taxpayer serve the Connecticut Democrat Party as serfs in their serfdom of political patronage, omnipotent political power and tyrannical economic rule?
Are you better off this election year?  Are you that better off here in Connecticut to vote yet again back into power for another two years the stale, ineffective, economically illogical and omnipotent Democrat Party to continue its unyielding march to completely dismantle freedom and the state's economy to their rule and advantage?
I do not think so.
It is time to take back Connecticut on November 8th.  There can be no rational or logical arguments any more to vote back into office and to power any Connecticut Democrat Representative or Senator this election day.  They have failed miserably in running this state for many years now.  They are responsible for the economic decline of Connecticut.  They own the horrific state economy.
It is time to take back Connecticut on November 8th.  It is time for voters to vote into office in mass Republican candidates for the State House and State Senate.  Connecticut Taxpayers deserve more respect that what they have been forced fed by the Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule for years now.   Vote Republican this election day.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Why Have Ethics, Honesty and Truth Been Eliminated From Politics in 2016?

Why are ethics considered immoral and unwanted in politics in 2016?
Why is honesty wrong and being dishonest right in politics in 2016?  Why is truth considered a lie in politics in 2016?
I am personally sickened to see how far politics has regressed as far ethics, honesty and truth is concerned in 2016 especially at the national level.  As a taxpayer I am sickened to see that our government was and is for sale to enrich donors and a supposed charitable foundation.  I am personally sickened as to the cover up of the massive amount of lies that we are force fed each day by the media to place into the highest elected office in our country the first woman President who by no means has any ethics, honesty or truth forthcoming from her past, her present or her future.  I am horrified by the daily economic lies that are force fed to us here in Connecticut by the Connecticut Democrat Party to gain again full control of the House and Senate to continue Connecticut’s march to economic ruin.  
Again I ask why have ethics, honesty and truth been eliminated from politics in 2016?
To me there is no more rule of law or accountability in either our state or national government.  It is evident that taxpayers serve our government daily through the constant paying of taxes to support an elite group of individuals.  This elite group dictates to the masses what freedoms we can and cannot have.  This elite group manipulates rules and laws to their economic benefit.  This elite group has taken over our country and is leading us to a path of a painful and ruthless socialism.
The decision to me is clear on November 8th, 2016 and it is not a corrupted Democrat President.  Let us hope and pray that are freedoms are not eliminated even more over the next four years.  We as a country need to bring back ethics, honesty and truth to our political system.  Or is it too late?  God Bless America today and every day. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Connecticut Republican Dan Carter For United States Senator

United States Air Force and Operation Desert Storm Veteran Dan Carter is the Republican candidate for United States Senate here in Connecticut.  You would not know that since our current Senator Dick Blumenthal controls Connecticut's media with his constant 20 second sound bites on correcting all of the ills of our world. What he has accomplished is unknown to me other than he has constant press conferences that tell us how wonderful he is for looking into everything and anything that can garner press for him.  I am surprised Blumenthal has not sent to all Connecticut residents a picture of himself that we have to hang up in our homes to remind us daily that he is our Senator.  Blumenthal is all talk with no results other than satisfying his unsatisfied ego.  And Dan Carter is an actual Veteran who served in harms way unlike our current Senator.
It is too bad there can not be more than one debate between Carter and Blumenthal.  I do not understand why Connecticut Voters are not allowed to hear more from Blumenthal in an unrehearsed manner.  Is he afraid of his opposition?  Is he afraid of the truth of how bad Connecticut's economy is?  Six years is a long time to show Connecticut Voters that our Senior Senator has done little to impact and or better our economy.
Dan Carter has impressed me in his short time as a Connecticut State Representative having the guts to vote against Connecticut's ridiculous and ineffective gun control bill, the never ending tax increases force fed to us by the Democrats and the equally ineffective and deadly early release program.  He stands for smaller and more effective government.  He is more concerned with actual issues rather than satisfying his ego.
I know he can make a difference with actual concerns for Connecticut Taxpayers with actual actions rather than just spewed rhetoric that we must hear from Blumenthal on a daily basis.
I urge Connecticut voters to vote for Republican Dan Carter for United States Senate.  It Is Time To Take Back Connecticut In November.

Friday, October 07, 2016

$200 Million Dollars To Sikorsky-Close 2 Technical High Schools

Connecticut's Governor Dan Malloy must have a strong dislike for those people in society who need help.  People who can not take care of themselves or need help seem to be abused by the Governor as evidence of all of the budget cuts he has implemented for hospitals, people with disabilities, children and youthful offenders to name a few.  Now he wants to eliminate two state Technical/Vocational High Schools to save money.
What Malloy never mentions are budget cuts to the bloated upper level and middle level management group of state employees who live off the Connecticut Taxpayers.  Ever look at what state Commissioners receive in salaries and benefits?  For example the President of the Connecticut Board of Regents Mark Ojakian (who has no education management background) receives a mere $335,000 a year in salary plus benefits plus a massive pension when he retires.  How about all state Commissioners and the Governor work for a year with no salary and benefits to save money for the state?
And after Sikorsky receives $220 million dollars in Connecticut Taxpayers monies, Malloy now wants to cut spending again and in particular two state Technical High Schools.  Now this after the two highest Democrat tax increases in the states history still has not been enough to eliminate the massive yearly budgets deficits nor even begin to address the massive $60 to $80 billion dollars of short and long term unfunded liabilities.  It is just more of the same for Dan Malloy and Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule of the Connecticut Democrat Party.  More taxes, more lies, more politically connected, more theft.  More, more, more.
Connecticut Taxpayers hopefully have had enough of Dan Malloy and the Connecticut Democrat Party.  And hopefully most Democrats in our state legislature will lose their seats in the coming November election.  It is time to take back Connecticut.  Don't you think it is time for new leadership?