Friday, September 09, 2016

Republican Len Suzio for State Senator in the 13th State Senate District

Republican Len Suzio is running again for State Senate in the 13th State Senate District that covers the communities of Cheshire, Meriden, Middlefield, and Middletown.  Mr. Suzio represented that District several years ago and was defeated in the last election by very few votes in an exceptionally close election.
Len Suzio is a man of principal and integrity something that in my opinion is sorely lacking in today’s State Legislature.  He also in my opinion understand the pitfalls of the tax and spend policies that have encumbered our state economy for many years now.  He has an exceptional background in the banking industry, is well educated and has been very active in the Meriden community.
The one area that I agree completely with Mr. Suzio is the elimination of Connecticut’s early release program for prison inmates.  He claims the state is failing and has failed to report that many prisoners who have been released before completing their sentences are now back in prison with such horrific crimes such as rapes and murders.  Mr. Suzio has stated the State Commissioner is not releasing vital information about these crimes being committed by prisoners who are let out early from our prisons in the state.   To me this should be a major campaign issue in Connecticut in 2016 but is being overlooked due to the horrific economic conditions the state is facing due to the years of economic neglect thanks to the Connecticut Democrat Party.
If you are a voter in the 13th State Senate District I urge you to send Len Suzio back to the State Senate to represent you.  He is an outstanding candidate to help Connecticut become strong again.
It is Time To Take Back Connecticut in November vote for Republican Len Suzio for State Senator in the 13th State Senate District.

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