Saturday, September 03, 2016

Connecticut's Labor Day-Connecticut's Taxpayers Must Keep Working To Support Our Ruling Political Elite

Happy Labor Day.  For Connecticut Taxpayers they must keep working.  And keep working.  And keep working.  No matter what time or day or holiday.  While our Governor flies around the country raising cash for his Democrat Party and uses it any way he pleases many Connecticut Taxpayers must keep working on Monday to pay their bills especially their Connecticut tax bills.  One of the highest tax burdens in the country.  Taxes and unlimited spending are part of the Connecticut Democrat Party way of life.  As much as the realization is setting in that the Connecticut Democrat Party is bracing themselves for huge defeats on a state level in November (except in the cities where they know the election can be manipulated) the Connecticut Democrat Party still feels there is a revenue not a spending problem in the state.
The new fiscal 2016-17 state budget is riddled with deficits.  Money has been constantly spent around the Constitutional State Budget Cap by our elected officials even in this new fiscal year.  And the states money has run out again in my opinion even before the fiscal year has begun.  This is the economic reality and economic record that any Democrat State Representative or State Senator is running for election or re-election on.  Out-of-control state spending of Connecticut Taxpayer's monies along with constant tax increases is the Connecticut Democrat Party platform.  And yet they try to blame the Connecticut Republican Party for their fiscal mess. 
Connecticut has evolved into a state of excessive burdens created by the Connecticut Democrat Party.  High taxes, an artificially high socialistic price control system for beer, wine and spirits, a horrific and decaying infrastructure, high unemployment taxes for businesses, a taxpayers funded pension system that has no financial caps or limits and a broken and corrupted political system that defies any logic.
Many Connecticut Taxpayers can not wait to move out of state.  A recent survey showed four out of ten state residents want out.  To me that speaks volumes of the horrific economic and tax policies that the Connecticut Democrat Party have inflicted upon our state.  Enough is enough.
For those Connecticut Taxpayers who must work this Labor Day think about how Connecticut's economically irrational omnipotent one party rule system has damaged the state.
And think about voting for those brave Republican candidates for State Representative and State Senate who are willing to fight to take back our state from the economic morass and political corruption that defines the Connecticut Democrat Party this election.
It is Time To Take Back Connecticut in November.

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