Saturday, September 17, 2016

Connecticut Must Change. Vote Republican Serge Mihaly for State Representative 85th District

A constant theme I utilize in my writings is that: “It Is Time To Take Back Connecticut In November.”   And in the 85th State House District of Wallingford that I live in there is no better example of a career Democrat politician who has contributed to the economic decline of our state than Democrat Mary Mushinsky who has been in office for 36 years now.  Looking back at her voting record voters should be reminded of her votes for the utopian state income tax and for the two largest tax increases in state history under the Malloy regime.  One can argue vehemently that career Democrat Representative Mushinsky’s tax and spend policies have help make Connecticut the doormat of most economic categories for cost of living, taxes, and business operations costs to name a few.  Connecticut lacks economic vibrancy.  Connecticut has one of the highest tax rates in the country.    I think taxpayers and voters are just in placing a good portion of the blame for our failed economic state on career Democrat Representative Mushinsky’s tax and spend policies. 
I just wonder if the voters of Wallingford’s 85th District have had enough of her tax and spend policies that have produced the never-ending economic debacle that we see Connecticut as in 2016?   Isn’t time for a change?  Hasn’t years of omnipotent one party rule severely impacted Connecticut’s ability to prosper?  At what point do taxpayers and voters demand a plan to pay off Connecticut’s long term debt of $60 to $80 billions of dollars? 
Republican candidate for State Representative Serge Mihaly is an educated individual who understands our state economy and realizes that the never-ending Democrat tax and spend policies must end.  He understands the economic problems of our state huge pension liabilities.  He understands that the state employee health care plan has the highest costs in the country that are subsidized through our tax monies.  He understands that our state government salaries are excessively high as compared to other states and must be contained.  He is willing to actually work for taxpayers to reduce their tax burden and make Connecticut great again.
Mihaly stated: “Hartford is too involved in our lives and excessive taxation is proof. Legislators view money as power, the more the better. But who better than you and I to know what we need and how to spend what we make? The less of our money government has, the less they can interfere.”  (8/5/16 Meriden Record Journal)
It Is Time To Take Back Connecticut In November.  And what better way than to replace the tired and economically ineffective policies of career Democrat politician Mary Mushinsky than with the crisp and new effective economic policies of Republican Serge Mihaly.
Vote Serge Mihaly for State Representative in Wallingford’s 85th District in November.

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